The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 685

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 685 – Julie frowned. “Lil Michael was just here…”

Nicole froze and stood up at once. “Let’s split up and find him.”

She went to the garden where Lil Michael loved to hang around most. The dim lights decorated the garden beautifully. To cater to Lil Michael’s preferences, the place was decorated like a fairy tale world.

Nicole walked over and vaguely saw a few figures sitting there, chatting.

Just as she was about to turn around, she heard someone mention Lil Michael.

“Is that child an illegitimate son Nicole had with a man outside?”

“I think so. Look at how the Stantons treat that boy. They listen to everything he says and spoil him rotten. How would they be so kind to him if he wasn’t theirs?”

“How could Nicole do such a scandalous thing…”

“Maybe it was because this matter was exposed that she was thrown out of the Ferguson family!”

“But Eric still came to declare his feelings tonight. Why does he still want a woman like that?”

“Hehe, rich families joining by marriage is all for the sake of interests. Any kind of nasty thing can be tolerated. Besides, they can just have their separate affairs after marriage. No one would stop a man from keeping a mistress outside of marriage. Well, Nicole is just blessed to be rich.”

“I couldn’t tell. Nicole looks so serious and decent, but she’s actually so shameless in her bones. Floyd is so unlucky to have such a daughter!”

“Exactly. She’s nowhere near as sensible and pure as our Xandria…”


Nicole stood there, feeling a chill all over her body. She was so angry that she wanted to laugh.

Her entire body was immersed in darkness. For the first time, Nicole felt that she was an incredibly tolerant person.

These people were polite to her on the surface, but they scolded her behind her back.


The heavy snow fell on Nicole’s body. She felt that this year was really too interesting.

Just then, Lil Michael, who was in his pajamas, waved to her. “Pretty Lady, I’m here…”

Lil Michael’s words completely startled the two old ladies who were immersed in gossip.

They let out a startled cry and looked back to see Nicole standing behind them with a cold smile.

In the darkness, their faces went deathly pale.

“N-Nicole, w-when did you get here?”

Nicole’s eyes were extremely cold, colder than the snow around them, and her smile was faint.

“Did no one tell you that it’s immoral to talk badly about someone while you’re in their home and eating their food?”

‘Oh no, she heard everything!’ The two women’s faces were as white as paper. Their eyes were full of panic.

“N-Nicole. It’s a misunderstanding. It’s all a misunderstanding…”

“Yes, we just heard some rumors from somewhere. None of them are true!”

The two women desperately defended themselves, but Nicole only sneered and said coldly, “Rumors? Today was the first time you saw Lil Michael, and the outside world doesn’t know about him at all. Where did those rumors come from?”

If they wanted to lie, why did they not make up a clever one?

The two middle-aged women panicked. Their faces went pale as their voices trembled.

“Nicole, you didn’t hear anything. We didn’t say anything. You must have misheard…”

“Yes yes yes, let’s go inside!” One of the women urged.

It was only Nicole alone. If they refused to admit it, what could Nicole do to them?

Denial was the only thing they could do now!

Nicole’s face became colder, and the chill in the bottom of her eyes turned frigid.


The two women ran inside the house in a panic. Floyd was beckoning them to eat some snacks. It was warm and lively like spring in the house.


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