The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 682

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 682 – Xandria’s face changed. “I-I just… He was at the door. Was I supposed to shut him out? Besides, the butler also agreed.”

‘It might be better to offer up a scapegoat!’ Xandria thought.

Nicole’s voice was cold and did not show her any respect at all.

“Really? The butler agreed? Should we call him here to ask if he did?”

Xandria’s lips trembled as a trace of abnormality appeared on her face.

“What kind of person is Mr. Ferguson? How could we stop him?”

“I don’t need you to tell me what kind of person he is. In the future, don’t try to make decisions for matters that have nothing to do with you.”

Then, Nicole left without even looking at Xandria.

At that point, Nicole did not want to say even nastier words anymore.

Xandria should be grateful that it was New Year’s now. Otherwise, Nicole would definitely throw her out.

Under the heavy snowfall, the corners of Eric’s lips were curled into a smile as he drove home.

A half-frozen man finally saw Eric’s car.

Toto could not wait to get inside.

He was so aggrieved.

“M-Mr. Ferguson… You can’t leave me behind like this. I’ll freeze to d***h!”

Toto was shivering with the cold and the heating in the car could not instantly warm him up, but it was much better than standing outside and freezing.

Eric hummed in acknowledgment and did not bicker with him, clearly in a good mood.

“I’ll double your year-end bonus.”

Toto perked up. In an instant, he felt that he was not cold anymore

In Ferguson Villa.

Old Master Ferguson sat in the living room after dealing with the pleasantries on the phone. It was clearly supposed to be a lively day, but there was no joy in the Ferguson family at all.

It was quiet and dull.

Eric’s father, Charles, was already permanently stationed at a company overseas. Charles was used to freedom and did not like that Quinn was trying to control him.

After Quinn was finally sent abroad and he truly became free, Charles would not take the initiative to send himself to the door to be scolded.

In any case, the Old Master had decided to let Eric take over the company. Eric was his son, so Charles had nothing to say about that.

Now, Charles only had one task – to squander money and live his life!

As soon as Eric arrived at the villa, he threw the keys to Toto. “Go home.”

The butler sighed in relief when Eric came in.

“Welcome back, Young Master…”

Eric pursed his lips and walked in. He saw Old Master Ferguson sitting there with a stern face as if deliberately waiting for him.

“Where did you go?”

The Old Master had been very angry lately. Putting aside the fact that his movements were being restricted and he was being monitored, how could Eric not stay here obediently on such a major holiday like today?

Eric really did not respect Old Master Ferguson at all!

Eric said indifferently, “I went for a walk.”

Old Master Ferguson threw the iPad on the table in fury. “You call this going for a walk? Did you go for a walk, or did you go to the Stanton Mansion? You’ve made such a scene that the whole city knows you set off fireworks just to please Nicole.”

Eric’s lips curled expressionlessly. “Wasn’t that what you wanted to see?”

Get close to the Stanton family and make up with Nicole. This was what Old Master Ferguson wanted.

Old Master Ferguson instantly became even more furious.

“I… I didn’t tell you to be so shameless!”

The great President of Ferguson Corporation repeatedly did these little things for the sake of a woman. More importantly, the Stanton family was so dismissive and contemptuous of Eric. How were the Fergusons supposed to show their face in public?

Eric suddenly laughed with a playful chill.

He looked indifferent and harsh.

“Using underhanded means to deal with a woman. That’s what I would call shameless instead.”

His words clearly agitated Old Master Ferguson’s nerves.

The old man stood up with an ashen face, trembling and pointing at Eric. “You…”


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