The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 671

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 671 – Nicole and Julie were close enough that they could talk about everythin.

Julie raised her eyebrows. “Who knows?”

“Then why’d you invest in him so much? Aren’t you afraid of losing all your money?”

Julie curled up the corners of her lips lightly. “If I promote him, he can earn far more than what I invested in him. Also…”

She paused for a while. Her tone was somewhat cool. “If I can hold him up high, I can also let him fall to his d***h.”

As soon as Nicole heard that, she understood.

“You don’t have feelings for him?”

Julie laughed. “I do have some feelings for him, but interests are more important.”

“Good point.”

Once the two ladies looked at each other, there was no need to say anything more. They had a tacit understanding.

Kai still had high hopes then

However, Nicole also felt some sympathy for Kai. With this trend, even if Julie and Kai were dating, Kai would be the passive one that would be bullied.

As Nicole was thinking this, Kai served them coffee and sat between the two ladies.

The two women were a little stunned. Kai smiled and said, “I just learned how to make coffee. You won’t believe it until you see it with your own eyes.”

Julie chuckled, “Then we’re really blessed to have this opportunity Thanks, K.”

Nicole laughed. Kai’s hypocritical attitude of trying to be servile yet lofty was just so degrading.

However, when she received Kai’s warning gaze, Nicole dared not show it.

Nicole propped her chin up with one hand and watched Kai make coffee with great interest along with Julie.

She thought, “I’m such a good sister…”

Kai moved skillfully to make coffee for them according to their preferences.

Nicole liked more milk and less sugar, while Julie liked less milk and less sugar.

She had to admit that Kai’s hands with well-defined fingers were like works of art. His every move was very aesthetic.

Kai’s hands were indeed very ornamental.

No wonder he never used hand models for his scenes No matter when the camera zoomed in on his hands, every detail was impeccable.

G*d really favored Kai!

Nicole secretly thought to herself as Kai finished making Julie’s cup of coffee.

The taste of coffee was mellow and rich. The coffee beans were brought back from New Zealand and were priceless. It smelled like money.

Julie reached out.

Kai raised his eyes and smiled at Julie.

“Wait a minute.”

He picked up the coffee cup with his left hand and another cup with his right hand, then carefully drew a little robin with the milk froth.

The wings of the bird were very lifelike.

What a cute little animal!

Nicole looked on in shock Julie also froze slightly.

Kai smiled and pushed the cup of coffee over, “Try it. This milk is special, It’s low fat and has no sugar.”

He was really out to impress Julie.

Julie smiled and took it. “K, this coffee art is so professional!”

She was just being polite, but Kai’s smile grew deeper because of these words.

“It’s nothing. You can always come over if you feel like drinking coffee.”

Nicole coughed, which made Kai instantly notice her presence.

Kai added another kind of rich milk for Nicole. It was a brand that she drank on a regular basis.

Just when Nicole was expecting Kai to make her another coffee art, Kai already pushed the cup of coffee to her.

The coffee in front of Nicole looked so plain without any frills.

The difference could not be more obvious!

Nicole frowned and looked at Kai. ‘Is he even my brother?!’

Kai casually urged her. “Drink it quickly. Don’t let it get cold. It’ll be a waste!”

Nicole forced a smile, ‘Is this how he treats his sister?!’


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