The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 668

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 668 – Nicole rolled her eyes at Kai. “She’s coming soon.”

Kai regained his spirits and was even more excited to get back to the kitchen work.

Tigger was draped in an expensive Gucci silk scarf, and it had a valuable watch that Kai no longer wanted on one of its legs. The little tiger made its rounds throughout the Stanton Mansion with a big grin on its face.

Hearing Floyd’s bold and spirited laughter outside, Nicole was shocked for a moment and went out to see what was going on.

It turned out that her second brother, Maverick, had returned.

Not just him, but also Molly Stewart.

The two of them came inside hand in hand and were obviously in a good relationship. Nicole clicked her tongue.

“I always thought that Maverick would be single for life! Now, he’s the first among us to get into a relationship?”

Kai wiped his hands and came out, Seeing this scene, he also felt a sizable blow.

Floyd told everyone to come out and greet them at the door.

Nicole and Kai looked at each other and hurriedly stood there obediently. Even Grant, who was working in the study, was called over.

Tigger stood at Nicole’s feet, wagging its tail, and looked up at Molly Stewart. “Mean Molly!”

Molly glared at the tiger, then put on a bright smile and bowed. “Hello, Uncle Floyd. Hello, Big Brother. Hello, Third Brother. Hello, Nikki!”

‘Is this the official meeting of the family? Maverick’s speed and progress were surprisingly fast!’

Maverick stood on the side and pushed up his glasses. His svelte and calm temperament appeared to be a lot softer.

“Let me introduce you to my girlfriend, Molly Stewart. If you don’t have any objections, we intend to get married next year. Even if you do, it doesn’t matter.”

Molly stood shyly to the side, a little embarrassed by Maverick’s words

Floyd, Grant, Kai, and Nicole stood there, dumbfounded.

Soon, Floyd reacted and welcomed them into the house with a smile.

Floyd was an old fox, so how could he not know about Molly Stewart’s background?

Out of vigilance over Nicole’s failed past marriage, Floyd was extremely wary about whoever approached his children.

Floyd felt at ease and approved of Molly Stewart, who was most often seen around Maverick.

Although Molly’s family background was not comparable to the Stanton family, Floyd did not intend to put his son through a marriage of convenience.

All that mattered was a clean and ordinary background.

Moreover, Floyd also heard that Molly was a famous female scientist in the physics world and a revered academic.

Floyd suddenly felt relieved.

“Molly, from now on, we’re a family, so don’t be polite with us!”

Molly did not expect that such a wealthy family like the Stanton family would have such good-tempered people.

She was most familiar with Nicole among the Stantons.

Nicole smiled happily and asked the butler to serve coffee and snacks.

Everyone sat down. Grant’s aura was cold, solemn, and authoritative. He looked like a boss scrutinizing his subordinates without a smile on his face.

This made Molly a little nervous and restrained.

Kai was smiling like Nicole, only his smile carried a bit of envy and jealousy.

“Molly, we’ll visit your parents later and finalize the marriage as soon as possible.”

Floyd lovingly sat at the head of the table. Seeing Molly’s restraint, he pointed at Grant and reassured her.

“Don’t be afraid of him. He just has a few stinking dollars…”

Grant was dumbstruck.

No matter how excellent and imposing Grant was outside, he still had to be obedient at home.

Floyd then pointed at Kai. “He only looks average. All looks and no substance.”

Kai was shocked and looked at his father, perplexed. ‘How can you say that about your son?!’

Floyd pointed to Nicole next.

“My daughter is fine. She’s beautiful and good-tempered. Except for her obsession to spend money, she has no other bad habits.”


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