The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 666

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 666 – Nicole felt like a feather brushed over her heart. It was gentle and restrained, but with a surging and rich love.

Clayton was happy yet careful.

Nicole was stunned for a moment as she did not seem to expect Clayton to make such a quick comeback again. However, his k**s carried a light scent of fresh grass that she could not help but indulge in.

In less than a second, Clayton took a step back. The intense love in his eyes was suppressed and restrained.

His eyes were light as he held a faint smile. His voice was warm and clear, like a spring breeze brushing through her heart.

“Nicole, do you know how to completely forget a person?”

Nicole’s body was tense. Her face was slightly cold, and her obsidian eyes were dark and heavy.

She did not want to indulge in the warm embrace of a man she did not know too well.

Thus, her tone carried a warning and detachment. “Mr. Sloan…”

Clayton interrupted her. His eyebrows were sunken. “It’s to fall in love with another person.”

He told her the answer straightforwardly.

Nicole’s heart trembled fiercely, as if her unseen emotions that were suppressed at the bottom of her heart were crushed into dust.

Clayton could see it clearly.

Nicole’s feelings for Eric were so complex that even she did not know exactly what it was.

She used to love Eric so deeply like a moth to a flame.

Even though her heart was ashen, Eric saved her time and time again, and his words of remorse and love still felt like rocks smashing into her heart.

Eric once again barged into her world without question, wanting to redeem himself and apologize.

Nicole heard it, but she dared not and could not respond.

She struggled and hesitated, but in the end, her resentment still took the upper hand.

How could she let herself become a joke?

The pain Eric brought her was enough to sober her up for life.

One would be lucky to meet and have love in their life, but without love, it was not necessarily unfortunate.

Therefore, Nicole did not want to have expectations of anyone anymore, including Clayton.

At that moment, Clayton saw Nicole’s struggle. The more she tried to forget Eric, the more Eric’s strength became omnipresent.

Nicole’s heart was beating violently. Her expression became glum and disheartened.

“Fall in love with another person? Who? You, Mr. Sloan?”

Clayton hesitated for half a second. “It’s not impossible.”

He would love that.

Clayton was like warm water that seeped into her life, wanting to surround her.

Nicole let out a light laugh with a chill in her eyes.

“I won’t waste my time on men, like an investment with no prospects that can be listed if I’m lucky. If not, it’s just bad luck.”

Her words were so blunt. Nicole was very rational.

Emotions and love were troublesome.

Thus, Nicole simply refused.

Clayton’s eyes flickered as he took a step forward.

Nicole subconsciously frowned and stepped back to avoid another surprise a****k from him.

Clayton’s eyes had a slight disappointment. He curled his lips and said in a hoarse voice, “Nicole, I have prospects. You won’t lose out if you invest in me.”

In the end, Nicole had no confidence in him because she had no sense of security.

Only the Stanton family was her biggest support.

Nicole’s eyebrows quivered abruptly, but she quickly regained her composure.

“Goodbye, Mr. Sloan.”

She did not want to continue this conversation.

Clayton raised his eyebrows and took a step back.

His eyes were gentle and doting. “Goodbye, Nicole.”

‘Goodbye, my Ms. Stanton.’

From the time she rejected Eric, Clayton was confident that he could win her over.


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