The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 664

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 664 – Just when Floyd was torn, Clayton’s phone rang. Clayton’s expression changed when he saw the number.

Clayton stood up, excused himself, and walked out to answer the phone.

Floyd looked at Nicole with difficulty.

Nicole’s expression was light. She could not see what Floyd was thinking because her mind was not there.

Kai also did not know about Floyd’s dilemma.

In less than half a minute, Clayton walked in with a gentle face and waved toward Lil Michael.

“Susan wants to talk to you. Come and take this call.”

Susan was Lil Michael’s maid.

Lil Michael frowned as he went over. ‘Why didn’t Susan contact me directly?”

He looked at his empty wrist ‘Oh, right… My watch just fell into the swimming pool!’

The boy followed Clayton out the door.

When he reached out to take the phone, Clayton did not give it to him. Instead, Clayton’s smile somewhat faded.

“Just now, there’s a foreign transaction that came from you that’s $880 million. What did you buy?”

Lil Michael lazily squinted his eyes. “Daddy, you tricked me to come out just to say this?”

Clayton glared at him. “Isn’t this amount worth asking?”

Lil Michael replied, “I just bought a New Year’s gift.”

Clayton asked dubiously, “For me?”

The boy smiled slyly. “Daddy, what do you think?”

Obviously not!

Clayton looked at his son, speechless.

“It’s for Pretty Lady, of course!”

When Clayton heard that it was for Nicole, his face instantly softened.

“What did you buy?

Lil Michael’s eyes rolled around playfully. “A black pearl necklace!”

Clayton’s face stiffened.

“So, you’re the mysterious big shot?!”

$880 million for a black pearl necklace.

Everything matched up. It was such a coincidence!

That black pearl necklace that gained all the attention at the auction was finally auctioned off by the mysterious big shot from abroad.

Even Eric did not continue to compete with the bidding.

Clayton did not expect that the mysterious big shot would turn out to be his son.

Lil Michael looked at his father in confusion. “What mysterious big shot? I’m a big shot just by buying a necklace?”

Clayton’s expression suddenly became complicated. For a moment, he did not know what to say.

Even he, as a father, lost to Lil Michael completely.

“Taking my money to please a girl… What a good son, huh?”

However, thinking that it was for Nicole, Clayton had nothing to say.

He had intended to give this to her in the first place, but his son got to it first.

Clayton was speechless.

After a while, Clayton’s mood eased.

“Daddy can’t stay here for the New Year because I need to go to Liberty later, Do you wanna come with me or stay here?”

“Of course I’m staying!” Michael spoke decisively.

Clayton should have known the answer, but he only humiliated himself by asking this question.

He pursed his lips and walked in again, then shamelessly asked the Stantons to take in his heartless little ungrateful son.

Floyd heard this and thought that it was just to his liking.

“No problem! You can let him stay in our house without worry. We’ll definitely take good care of him!”

Floyd almost raised his hand and swore.

Clayton smiled gently. “Then sorry to trouble you, Chairman Stanton.”

He looked at Nicole with tender eyes. “I’ll see you after the New Year.”

Nicole nodded. “See you next year!”

Originally, Nicole was wondering what kind of urgent matters he had that he needed to leave at this time.

However, Nicole looked at the blonde-haired boy and suddenly realized that Clayton raised Lil Michael overseas, so the New Year was not that big of an occasion as it was in Mediania.

To Clayton and Lil Michael, the New Year was probably just a normal day.

Lil Michael joyfully sat next to his pretty lady and waved at Clayton.

“See you after the New Year, Daddy!”



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