The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 658

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 658 – Nicole’s words were a slap in the face for the Fergusons. When she was married to Eric Ferguson, the Fergusons were afraid that she spent a penny more of their money.

Now that she was divorced, Old Master Ferguson wanted to give her an expensive New Year’s gift?

That was a little too ridiculous.

The old man also heard the taunt in Nicole’s words. His expression changed dramatically, and the furrow between his eyebrows deepened.

Just when Nicole thought that he would burst out in anger, Old Master Ferguson laughed.

“We’re family, so there’s no such thing as taking advantage. You’re still too young, child.”

Nicole raised her eyebrows in surprise, but she did not intend to look into the old man’s change in attitude.

She glanced at Clayton, who tacitly went forward to hold her waist gently.

“Let’s go in. Goodbye, Chairman Ferguson.”

Nicole and Clayton’s interaction was intimate and was very piercing to Old Master Ferguson.

‘Clayton Sloan? Hah! What kind of person dares to compare with Eric?” The old man beckoned to someone, who immediately came forward.

“Get Eric to hurry up and come to the auction.”

His subordinate immediately understood “Yes, sir.”

Nicole was feeling a hint of discomfort because of that hand behind her back, but she still had a faint smile plastered on her face.

Once inside, Clayton withdrew his hand very decently and touched her gently with his arm.

Nicole breathed a sigh of relief and smiled tacitly as she took his arm.

They stood in the dim light. The whole venue looked mysterious and grand.

Only a beam of light in the middle could be seen hitting the cylindrical podium.

The distance made it easy to see the auction items clearly, but it also carried an expensive sense of distance.

It started in less than five minutes.

In total, there were only three auction items.

The first was an antique vase from the 16th century that looked well-treasured with a strong sense of history.

This was unsurprisingly taken by Old Master Ferguson, who always liked to collect these valuable antiques.

The second item was a bidding contract.

This was getting interesting.

Nicole raised her eyebrows.

A contract that won the bid but was transferred again came with both risks and benefits.

It seemed that Clayton’s purpose was this contract.

As expected, Clayton raised his hand to increase the bid.

Just when it came to $230 million, there was no one left to compete with Clayton.

After all, very few knew the contents of this contract. Thus, they might lose their family’s assets if the contract comes at a loss.

“$230 million going once! $230 million going twice! $230 million…”

“$300 million!”

A familiar and indifferent voice came from the entrance with undisguised dominance and chill.

“It’s Mr. Ferguson?”

“Mr. Ferguson is here?”

“Mr. Ferguson is also interested in this contract?”


Everyone consciously gave the center seat to Eric.

Clayton did not have any reaction. There was no regret or anger as if he had already expected it.

Nicole pursed her lips and stood there without making a sound.

After Eric came in, he looked at Nicole for a moment before he coldly swept a glance at Clayton with a ruthless intent in his eyes.

However, Eric withdrew his gaze and looked at the host with indifference and detachment.

The host reacted and immediately said, “$300 million going once…”

Clayton had no intention of competing with Eric.

Nicole even felt anxious for him. “Are you still bidding?”

Clayton smiled warmly as he looked down at her. “Ms. Stanton, are you feeling anxious for me?”

“You’re not?”

“It’s useless to be anxious.”

Clayton collected his smile and glanced at Eric.

His company’s capital flow had already been restricted, and this contract could not go through his private accounts. Otherwise, it would attract unnecessary attention.

With the current situation, Clayton could not compete with Eric on a contract for the time being.

Eric should know better than him too.

Nicole saw this and stopped speaking.

If Clayton wanted this contract, Stanton Corporation could lend a helping hand, but he did not mention it, so Nicole had no reason to rush to make an offer.

“$300 million sold!”


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