The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 643

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 643 – Eric frowned while Old Master Ferguson spoke unhurriedly.

“With your slow and indirect methods, I’m afraid that she’ll only take one look at you when she’s unmarried at 40 or 50 years old. By then, it’ll be too late and you’ll just waste your time for nothing. It’s better if you can do something irrevocable and get her pregnant, then she’ll have no choice but to be with you.”

Eric’s face was cold and sullen for a moment.

His eyes were sharp and cold as he looked at Old Master Ferguson. His voice was icy. “She’s Nicole Stanton!”

Nicole was not a pushover that would not fight back when she was bullied.

With the whole Stanton Corporation behind her, was she a regular woman who could be controlled at will?

Offending Stanton Corporation would just leave both companies in defeat.

Old Master Ferguson let out a cold laugh.

“Of course I know that she’s Nicole Stanton. It’s because of her identity that the Stanton family can’t afford to lose their reputation. We can only use this necessary means to force them to let Nicole marry you.”

Eric stared at the old man for a few seconds and sneered. “Oh? Then what kind of necessary means do you want to use?”

Old Master Ferguson raised his eyebrows, “Kidnap, date rape, accidents… Isn’t it easy to deal with a woman? As long as the media caught the two of you having a fling, she won’t be able to separate herself from you again, The Ferguson family will then come out to apologize to her so that she won’t feel so bad. Then, everything will be fine.

When the time comes, you can get your sister to come back. It’s been long enough, so I think Ingrid learned her lesson.”

When Eric heard this, he was shocked. A dense chill exuded from his heart.

How dare the old man use such a despicable and underhanded tactic on Nicole?

Although Eric had such thoughts when he was angry, he knew that if he really did it, Nicole would probably k**l him, let alone forgive him. That was simply a pipe dream!

Thus, Eric would not even think about it.

Seeing Eric’s silence, Old Master Ferguson felt a little smug.

“Don’t think about how underhanded it is, just as long as it works… Unless you want to stand by and watch her marry someone else and bear another man’s children? That would be setting a strong enemy for our family!”

To Old Master Ferguson, the Stanton family’s position was either cooperation or competition.

Right now, they each had their own strengths, but if Nicole married someone else, the Stantons would no longer have a cooperative relationship with the Fergusons.

What was more, Old Master Ferguson saw Nicole’s ability in the past two days and was even more reluctant to let such a woman end up with another family.

There were so many benefits that Nicole could bring to the Ferguson family.

“Grandpa.” Eric raised his narrow eyes that were cold to the core. His voice carried a bitter chill. “Don’t try to hurt her. I won’t agree to it.”


Eric’s tone was frigid. “If you’re bored, go fishing, travel, or play chess. In short, you don’t need to interfere in my affairs with Nicole.”

Old Master Ferguson’s face was ugly as he narrowed his eyes. “Don’t tell me that you don’t want this?”

“I do, but I’ll use my own methods. I won’t be so despicable and shameless to do something irrevocable.”

Eric’s voice was extremely cold.

Eric was a gentleman and would not treat a woman like this, especially Nicole.

There was tension between the grandfather and grandson pair Old Master Ferguson narrowed his eyes as he glared at Eric. He was infuriated.

“Fine, if you don’t do this, don’t regret it.”

Old Master Ferguson sneered. He had already made up his mind.

Just as he stood up and took two steps, Eric called out to him before he could leave.

The old man was secretly smug as he thought, “This kid is still too young. As long as the method works, who cares about the process? Eric must’ve regretted it!’

Eric’s voice was hoarse and stern as he said, “I’ll have someone take care of you 24/7 without leaving your side. If you dare to do anything behind my back, you’ll be sent abroad for a period of convalescence, just like my mother.”



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