The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 635

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 635 – Nicole got out of the car indifferently. She expected the reporters’ arrival, so she did not panic and came prepared.

Once she was outside, she smiled faintly and followed the bodyguard towards the lobby of her office building.

The reporters did not want to let go of this opportunity and bombarded her with questions.

“Ms. Stanton, is the city-wide display last night your confession to Mr. Ferguson? Are the two of you going to remarry each other?”

“Ms. Stanton, may I ask what the phrase ‘l, Nicole Stanton, would like to thank Eric Ferguson, the best person in the world’ means?”

“Ms. Stanton, were you with Mr. Ferguson last night?”

“Ms. Stanton, can you tell us about the expenses spent last night?”


Nicole kept a light smile. Her hair was casually tied up to reveal her small ears as well as the delicate and low-profile but expensive earrings.

She was inadvertently modeling the jewelry on her in every movement and shot of her side profile.

Just when everyone thought that Nicole would not answer any questions, she paused in her steps, turned around, and looked at everyone from where she was standing at the entrance.

The atmosphere was quiet for a moment. From time to time, the flash of the reporters’ cameras could be seen.

Nicole faced the camera and smiled lightly. Her every move was refined and dignified, and her elegant and cool temperament made everyone hold their breath.

“Everyone, regardless of how my personal relationship is with Mr. Ferguson, please be assured that the partnership between Stanton Corporation and Ferguson Corporation has reached unprecedented heights. We’re committed to solving the country’s unemployment issue, so we’ll provide a platform and opportunity for people to start their own businesses. We’ll also pay more attention to innovation and cooperation in all aspects. With such heavy responsibility, we are committed to being exemplary. I hope that everyone can witness both our corporations moving forward steadily and making progress together.”

Nicole’s short speech completely discarded the possibility of answering those alleged scandals explicitly. Instead, she attracted everyone’s attention toward the cooperation between the two companies. Thus, the scene last night was not a sudden confession of personal feelings but the possibility of cooperation between the two major corporations.

The reporters were dumbfounded for a moment upon hearing this.

However, Nicole bowed politely and turned around to walk into the office lobby.

The bodyguards left behind were clearly meant to send off those reporters.

This video was posted online in less than a minute.

Soon, the beautiful and bright Nicole appeared on the screen. It was hard not to attract women’s eyes.

Her outfit and style were picked up bit by bit.

The white shirt was a new arrival from Ferguson Corporation. It was a simple style, but it made her look so cheerful and fair.

Her skirt outlined her figure just right and looked very smart casual. This pairing on Nicole was not at all pretentious. It looked natural, soothing, and very captivating.

All the jewelry on her was also spelled out.

Stanton Corporation began advertising the new jewelry, but no one has ever seen the real thing. Seeing Nicole’s full outfit and pairing choices brought significant meaning to her appearance on camera.

Everyone’s speculation was not just about gossip.

This outfit was enough to explain the situation.

It was purely to promote the new products of the two corporations.

This wave of marketing was a real eye-opener.

[Turns out it’s because Ms. Stanton wants to model their new products personally! Ms. Stanton is really commendable to be able to let go of the past and make peace with Mr. Ferguson!]

[I knew it! Not everyone wants to repeat the past. Mr. Ferguson is excellent, but he doesn’t match our President Nicole!]

[Nicole is so pretty! Please make your debut! I’ve already pre-ordered the jewelry. It’s too beautiful!]

[Nicole’s outfit is simply amazing! Mere mortals like us won’t be able to pull this off so perfectly!]



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