The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 634

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 634 – The moonlight was beautiful. Nicole and Clayton finished their coffee and walked back to the hotel along the small path.

Nicole thought that Clayton was just walking her back to the hotel like a gentleman, but when she got to her room, Clayton did not look like he had the intention to leave. She then watched in amazement as he took out a room card from his pocket.

‘Oh, he’s staying in the opposite room…’

Nicole raised an eyebrow. It was not uncommon to stay in the same hotel. He was just walking her back on the way to his room.

Clayton smiled and watched her open the door. ” Goodnight.”

Nicole nodded. “Sweet dreams.”

She went in and let out a sigh of relief before sending Logan a text and washing up for bed.

Nicole turned off her phone before going to bed so that no one would disturb her sleep.

The moonlight was gentle, hazy, and tranquil.

Early in the morning, the alarm clock she set woke her up.

Nicole freshened up and heard the doorbell.

It was Logan.

He handed her the two bags he had prepared. “President, the car is waiting outside.”

Nicole nodded, took it over, and went inside to get dressed.

One bag was a set of seemingly casual yet exquisite clothes from Ferguson Corporation.

The other bag was this season’s latest products from Stanton Corporation that have yet to be launched. It was a light luxury style of jewelry, the main collection of the season called “Spirit”.

That one minute from last night was enough to cause a huge sensation.

Since the money was spent, Nicole did not want to stir up gossip without reaping the benefits.

Therefore, she decided to turn this passive situation around.

Nicole got dressed and put on the new jewelry. It was indeed a very good look when paired together.

This set of clothing from Ferguson Corporation was not their main collection, but the theme was also casual but sophisticated.

Nicole picked this outfit because of the simple white shirt design that would highlight her delicate collarbone and the exquisite necklace that rested on it.

She put on light makeup to show off her defined eyebrows and stunning features. This getup made her look reserved and elegant, but she did not lose her playfulness and vibrance. She did not have to deliberately highlight her temperament and had a natural high-society lady appearance.

Logan saw her and felt stunned.

“President, if you weren’t in the business circle and were in showbiz instead, I’m afraid those celebrities would live in jealousy every day!”

Hearing this, Nicole raised her eyebrows and had a rare moment of self-indulgence. She did not conceal her appreciation of her pretty face and spoke proudly.

“I thought they’re already living in jealousy…”

Logan laughed and immediately followed her out.

As Nicole walked out of the room, she subconsciously glanced at the opposite door.

Somehow, she thought of Clayton.

Logan hurriedly said, “When I came up, I saw Mr. Sloan going out as if there’s something urgent.”

Nicole said, “Mm. I didn’t ask.”

Logan paused for a moment. “Then I didn’t say anything.”


They had already planned their first appearance today.

Although the flow of discussion about last night’s LED display was limited on the media platforms, the netizens who were keen on the matter would not give up easily.

Rather than letting everyone secretly speculate about their relationship and muddle things up regardless of the truth, it was better to go with the flow and take advantage of this opportunity to make a big profit!

Thus, they did not drive away the reporters that came to interview Nicole when they received news of it.

Nicole reckoned that this would save the cost of hiring a spokesperson. It was quite the cost-savings!

Their car soon arrived at the entrance of Stanton Tower.

Sitting in the car, Nicole already saw a lot of reporters gathered around.

Nicole’s bodyguards then gathered around the car, vigilant at all times.

Logan glanced at Nicole. “President?”

Nicole nodded. “Let’s go in.”

Logan heard this and opened the door for himself before turning around to make room for Nicole.

In an instant, countless flashing lights of the cameras gathered on Nicole.


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