The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 630

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 630 – The general manager of the mall spoke excitedly.

Nicole and Clayton were unmoved and looked at him calmly.

The mall manager did not feel the least bit embarrassed and smiled as he explained.

“You two are the lucky couple of the day! Today is the last day of our mall’s activity. You both fully met and exceeded our expectations when you played the duet so perfectly on this ten-million-dollar piano!”

The mall manager could tell that this couple were not ordinary people, especially the man’s watch that was worth enough to buy a luxury apartment in the city center. Although the lady was dressed casually and simply, her bag was limited-edition and worth a million dollars.

Thus, the mall manager did not want to let go of two big spenders.

Nicole raised her eyebrows and was silent for a moment.

Women were naturally inclined to gifts, so Nicole was very interested in the prize. However, since this gift was for a couple, and she and Clayton were not a couple, Nicole felt a little embarrassed to receive it.

Just as Nicole was about to politely decline it, the mall manager very proudly added, “Our mall is owned by Ferguson Corporation. We have a strong background and certainly won’t fool you. Our prize is very generous and unsurpassed to show our utmost sincerity!”

When Nicole heard Ferguson Corporation being mentioned and a generous prize, she stiffened slightly before she slowly curled up her lips.

‘Oh… Then I can’t waste this opportunity!’

Nicole instantly changed her mind.

“Okay, what’s the prize?”

Since it was Ferguson Corporation’s money, Nicole did not feel heartbroken at all.

The mall manager said, “Whatever you two have spent today until this moment will be fully reimbursed!”

He looked at the couple. “How’s that? Isn’t it great?”

The mall manager noticed long ago that this couple did not have any shopping bags with them.

He only mentioned this prize purely to generate a hint of regret so that it would entice them to come over and spend more often in the future.

‘What a perfect marketing plan!’ The mall manager thought.

Clayton smiled faintly without any expression. He was unmoved.

On the contrary, Nicole frowned in surprise. “All of them?”

“Yes, all of them! But I see that you didn’t get to do any shopping earlier…”

The mall manager smiled and intended to give her a small souvenir for good measure.

However, before he could finish his sentence, Nicole took out the stack of long receipts from her pocket and handed them over. “Here…”

The mall manager’s face changed slightly. ‘This thickness… This length…’

He took it with both hands that were slightly trembling. When he saw the amount on it, his head felt like it had been smashed with a bat. He felt dizzy.

Even his ears were buzzing.

The mall manager’s smile eventually disappeared.

He could not stop looking at the stack of receipts. The smallest bill was already $600,000 and the total roughly amounted to his total sales for a quarter…

This woman, who looked so ordinarily dressed, actually spent $50 million in just a few hours?!

The mall manager suddenly felt a tight pain in his chest. His heart almost stopped beating.

It felt like his life had come to an end, along with his career…

On the side, Clayton hooked up his lips. ‘this prize is very generous! Mr. Ferguson is indeed a big spender. Looks like we’ll have to suggest that he holds more of such activities in the future….”

Nicole raised her eyebrows and nodded in agreement. ” Yeah, this is really like Ferguson Corporation’s lavish ways!”

The mall manager thought, ‘Is this couple acquainted with Eric Ferguson, the big boss of Ferguson Corporation?’

His face suddenly paled and thought that he was done for. It was too late for regrets!


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