The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 629

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 629 – Nicole was stunned. She thought that it might be related to her and subconsciously became tense and guarded.

However, the group of black-clad bodyguards ran past her.

‘Phew… I’m not their target. Great!’

Nicole was a little tired of walking and saw a rest area in front with not many people. An expensive piano was placed in the middle, so she went over and sat down.

When her fingers touched the piano, she suddenly felt an urge to play.

She pressed on a few keys, which sounded crisp and pleasant. This piano was pretty nice.

Nicole subconsciously began to play a tune. The chords somehow transformed into “Kikujiro’s Summer”. It was a simple and bright tune with fresh and natural notes that reflected her current leisurely mood after shopping.

She had not been so relaxed in a long time and was even a little immersed in it.

Suddenly, someone sat down next to her, but she was too engrossed in the music to notice.

A pair of hands landed on the keys next to hers. The light and pleasant sound of the extra chords melded nicely with her tune. Nicole paused slightly and subconsciously looked to the side.

Clayton’s warm and handsome face and his bright smiling eyes appeared next to her.

His hand movements were not at all slow as he cooperated with Nicole’s performance. Their piano duet did not overwhelm or clash with each other. Instead, they had such a tacit understanding when they played the dynamic and lively tune like they had practiced this a million times together. It made people feel very comfortable, relaxed, and happy when listening to it.

Nicole chuckled. Their tacit understanding at this time was for their heartfelt love for piano and this song.

It made her feel like she was recalling her happiest times on a bright summer day.

She felt a kind of happiness that was so overwhelming, which made life feel as brilliant as sunshine.

After the song ended, the joy in Nicole’s eyes gradually faded.

Nicole felt like she had not been so happy in a long time. When she recalled the past happiness, they seemed extraordinarily distant.

It seemed like ever since she fell in love with Eric, she never had such a pleasant time again.

Eric Ferguson was really her curse.

The man next to her duly withdrew his hands. Nicole swept a glance and saw Clayton’s long and slender fingers that looked so beautiful. ‘No wonder he plays the piano so well! He really has a unique advantage!’

“Ms. Stanton, you won’t mind my poor skills, right?” Clayton mildly mocked himself.

Nicole raised her eyebrows. “Why would I? Your med ley was much harder than mine, so I should be the one who’s ashamed.”

After all, no one would dare to play a piano duet so easily without prior rehearsal.

Their tacit understanding was very important.

Clayton slowly breathed a sigh of relief. “I’ve always liked this song because it’s very stress-relieving. The simpler, the happier.”

Nicole nodded. “Indeed, but… We’d better go. I feel like too many people are looking at us…”

She swept a glance at the originally empty rest area that was now a little crowded probably because of their piano playing.

Now that their duet was over, the crowd did not look like they wanted to disperse.

With more people, the chances of someone recognizing her would also increase.

Clayton also realized this and immediately stood up, then took her bag that was placed on the side. “Let’s go…”

The two of them wanted to leave in a low profile, but once they turned around, a manager-looking man with four or five bodyguards standing behind him, smiled at them. He seemed to be waiting for them.

The duo froze.

“Hello, I’m the general manager of this mall, and I’m honored to hear such beautiful and moving heavenly music.”

Nicole pulled down her cap and nodded slightly.

“Thank you.”

“Are you two a couple?”

Nicole and Clayton froze. They figured that the manager did not recognize them.

Neither of them admitted nor denied it.

The general manager of the mall smiled knowingly. “You two look like a great match and even played so well together, so you must be a couple!”

Nicole was speechless.

Clays on coughed slightly. “Is there something you need?”

“Congratulations! You both won the prize!”


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