The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 618

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 618 – This Italian brand is a custom order, right? You can’t find another identical piece in this world!”

Nicole was a little surprised that Yuliana did not rush to knock on Eric’s room door, but she also felt that Yuliana was not as frivolous, debauched, and shallow to chase fame and fortune as she appeared to be.

At once, Nicole’s good impression of Yuliana multiplied.

Nicole smiled politely. “Yes. If you like it, I can recommend the designer to you.”

That designer was a famous craftsman in Italy. In the fashion circle, he only made clothes for two people a year. His style and thought process were simply excellent. Each piece of clothing was unique globally.

It was not at all comparable to any big brand.

Yuliana’s eyes lit up but instantly dimmed down.

“Nevermind. My clothes are all sponsored, so what I wear is up to others.”

Nicole smiled and did not insist.

Yuliana casually handed Nicole’s jacket to Eric, who appeared behind her. “Thanks, Mr. Ferguson.”

Eric glanced at Nicole. In less than three seconds, he reached out and took it, then expressionlessly hung it on the hanger at the side.

It seemed like a passing chore.

Xander, who was waiting on the side, looked at the scene in shock. He did not even get to touch Nicole’s jacket.

Nicole did not care about this little episode and walked to the other side to take a seat with a clear and cold temperament.

Livia Lehman was next to Nicole, looking at the program. She looked at Nicole and nodded with a smile.

Nicole was just about to speak when a tall figure sat down next to her.

‘There are so many seats around, but Eric must sit next to me? D**n it!’

His cold fragrance carried an aggressiveness that was just like him.

If it were anyone else, they would have felt very pressured.

However, Nicole was silent and did not say anything.

Eric leaned into Nicole gently. His Adam’s apple moved as he said in a low voice, “Did you eat the breakfast I prepared for you?”

Nicole was stunned and tilted her head slightly, maintaining her cold and aloof demeanor.

She did not want to have any intimate actions with him in front of others.

Nicole pretended to be surprised and lowered her voice.

“Oh, you prepared it? No wonder it tastes so bad…”

Eric suddenly laughed. The gloom in his eyes dispersed a little, which was replaced with an imperceptible tenderness.

“Is that so? Then it’s a waste for me to wait in the long line for twenty minutes.”

His tone was tinged with a faint disappointment.

Nicole was slightly stunned. ‘He really went to queue for it by himself? How unimaginable! How did Eric Ferguson actually get in line behind so many people to buy a sandwich?’

She looked down at her phone to hide her shock and spoke with a light smile.

“Mr. Ferguson, do you even need to wait in line? I thought that with your usual style, you’ll just buy the store with a snap of a finger!”

Eric froze, then laughed.

“If you want to eat it every day, I won’t mind buying it. It won’t lose much money anyway.”

Nicole could not hold back and cursed. “Who even wants that!”

On the side, Yuliana had a speechless and sour expression. “I really want it!’

Xander saw that he could not intervene and quickly took some hot water over to the table. “I’ll make tea for you. Ms. Stanton, I heard that you like to drink white tea…”

Nicole raised her eyes, smiled gently, and nodded. ‘Not bad… Setting aside all prejudices, he’s a very resourceful guy…’

Xander purposely went to the opposite side of Nicole, put the tea on the table, and rolled up his sleeves, ready to show his tea-making skills.

He was forced to learn a lot of useless crafts for the sake of filming, now it finally came in handy!


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