The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 610

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 610 – Nicole touched the face that looked very similar to Eric’s, which was near perfection.

After frivolously caressing the man’s face, she patted his cheek a few times.

‘Not bad… This face will be able to sell for a good price! I won’t go back on my word. Xander’s just an actor anyway, so I can make him famous!’

Nicole did not notice that her words caused an adverse reaction in the man next to her. His eyes instantly turned gloomy. His face was sunken, and he was surrounded by a dense chill.

Eric stared at her coldly and reached out to pinch her chin, trying to make her face him.

His voice was extremely gentle, like the devil’s coaxing words.

“Nicole, take another look. Who am I?”

His voice was frosty.

Even if he was willing to be humble for her, it did not mean that he would tolerate another man in her life.

Eric felt guilty, so he compromised, made concessions, supported her, coaxed her, and let her do whatever she wanted.

However, the cold ruthlessness ingrained in his bones from years of being in the harsh business environment still prevailed.

His love for her was selfish. He absolutely would not stand by and watch her be with someone else.

If Nicole would not change her mind, then he would just lock her up.

Even if he could not get her heart, he would at least have her body. That was good enough.

Eric was a cold and unfeeling person at heart. He was about to go berserk when Xander’s name came out of Nicole’s mouth.

If gentle means did not work on her, then he would not mind using his own strong-arm tactics to keep her by his side.

He stared intently at Nicole, attempting to find a trace of remorse on her face.

However, that beautiful, bright, and perfect face had a faint blush and looked lazy and comfortable as she squinted her eyes, wanting to sleep.

As Eric forcefully squeezed Nicole’s chin, she frowned in dissatisfaction and tried to break away to no avail.

Eric needed an answer tonight.

His eyes were bloodshot as he stared at her with sunken eyes. His voice was deep and hoarse.

“Tell me, then I’ll let you sleep.”

Nicole was already very displeased because someone disturbed her sleep, which was the most important and sacred moment to her.

She was upset!

Nicole had no choice but to lift her heavy eyelids again. She saw an overlapping image of the person in front of her. His features were blurred, and she could not see him clearly.

She struggled to think. ‘If it’s not Xander, who else could it be? No, Xander wouldn’t dare disturb my rest at this hour even if he had massive guts. It must be that son of a b*tch Eric Ferguson!’

Her eyes suddenly brightened for a moment and glimmered in the light. She stared at the man’s handsome face for a full three seconds before she lowered her voice and said confidently, “Bah, Eric F*ckerson!”

Eric, who was looking down on her, suddenly stiffened. His pupils instantly shrank. Even his face became extremely glum.

The night was still.

Under the dim light, the warm atmosphere was swept away. The window was not opened, but the room had no trace of warmth.

Nicole cursed Eric, turned over happily, and went back to sleep.

On the contrary, Eric, who was standing there, could no longer keep his heart calm.

His heart was racing. His blood was surging and flowing backward.

‘Hah! Eric F*ckerson?! So, she recognized me, but she still didn’t want to miss this chance to insult me!’

Eric’s eyes turned dark and cold with an indescribable complexity in them as he tried very hard to suppress his rage.

He told himself, “She’s just drunk… Yes, she’s definitely drunk!”


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