The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 598

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 598 – The other three women were all on the thin side.

Sadie frowned, slightly dissatisfied.

“The rules can’t change just because you said so…”

“It’s all for the sake of fairness…”

Eric stood there, annoyed. The chattering women over there were really irritating!

When he heard that they wanted to separate him and Nicole, he looked at the fat woman Yuliana and his eyes could not help but turn cold.

Just as he wanted to open his mouth to set things right, he suddenly saw Nicole turn the other way.

Nicole said, “Then you and Mr. Ferguson will be on one team. I’ll go to the other one.”

Yuliana beamed. She did not expect Nicole to agree so easily.

It was clear reconciliation between these two was really out of the question.

Her chance had come!

Nicole jumped into the other boat, and Eric looked at Yuliana with gloomy eyes. She reached out to let him help her, but his gaze only swept over her indifferently. Then, he turned away, his temperament icy.

He did not care that the cameras were rolling at all.

If he were an ordinary male star, with the help of malicious editing, he would be blown apart by the criticism.

However, he was Eric Ferguson. Who would dare to provoke him?

Malicious editing?

There was no such thing.

Yuliana raised her brows and was not discouraged.

All overbearing presidents had tempers!

“Don’t worry, Mr. Ferguson. I won’t hold you back.”

Eric stood at the bow of the boat, his eyes looking at Nicole on the other boat as she arrived on the other side, as happy as could be.

Seeing this, he felt even more suffocated.

Yuliana tried to attract his attention and almost fell. “What’s wrong with this paddle? Mr. Ferguson, do you want to have a look at it?”

Eric did not have the intention to turn around at all. His voice was extremely cold.

“If you don’t know how to row, then get down and push.”

In any case, he was not going to do anything.

Let him serve a woman who was not Nicole? Dream on!

Yuliana choked and then paused when she saw that he was not joking.

She blinked, aggrieved. Although she was not young anymore, she was still attractive.

“Mr. Ferguson, did I do anything to make you unhappy?”

Eric’s gaze was dark and deep. He did not care about the cameraman’s presence and spoke bluntly with a tone that had a hint of a low and cold threat.

“Put away your little thoughts. I’m only here for Nicole. If you want to cooperate with me, you can get what you want, but if you dare to use your little tricks to disgust me, I’ll make you pay the price.”

Eric’s gloomy eyes were turbulent with a sunken cold air. The condescending warning was the last of his patience for her.

If this woman still did not understand, then he would not waste his time anymore.

Yuliana froze and trembled slightly.

Her expression instantly became pale and tense, and her smile turned extremely ugly.

Her experience in hunting for rich and attractive guys told her that Eric was someone beyond her reach.

His warning now was already very polite.

Otherwise, he could definitely do what he just said.

She knew very well the consequences of offending him. Being forced to leave the circle would be getting off easy.

Those who did not listen would be sent to certain places, and once everyone was tired of playing with them, they would be locked into an asylum and never see the light of day again.

At that thought, she instantly put away the thoughts of trying to hook up with him.

Smiling cautiously, she said, “I understand, Mr. Ferguson. I’ll cooperate with you to get Ms. Stanton back. I won’t dare to do it again.”

Her plea for mercy did not receive a single response from Eric.

He looked away indifferently, ignoring her.

The cameraman was still beside them. He thought to himself, ‘This part can’t be added in either.’

He shot Yuliana a look and motioned for her to catch up with the other boat quickly.

Yuliana paled as she tried to smile. Yes, if they did not get any filming material, it would mean that she came to this episode for nothing.

“You can rest, Mr. Ferguson. I’ll row the boat!”

If one looked carefully, one would see that her smile was even uglier than her frown.

Yuliana really used up all her strength in rowing. Beads of sweat fell from her face, and even her makeup was ruined.

One person took on the weight of three people. Her arms were sore and trembling as she rocked the paddle.

It was too miserable.

On the other boat, the three people were barely making any effort. They were even able to laugh and sing songs.

The contrast was too obvious.

She suddenly felt a little sad…


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