The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 594

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 594 – Eric was originally quite satisfied, but when he heard Xander’s name, his face instantly turned gloomy.

That counterfeit was simply everywhere! He really needed to be taught a lesson!

Unfortunately, Eric could not let people see a domineering president like him act so pettily.

The reason why Nicole recommended Xander was because he had never got into any trouble except for occasionally starting some little tricks that he should not have. That was why she was willing to give him a chance.

Unexpectedly, Eric came and stole the limelight.

Without a doubt, Eric would be the center of attention in this variety show no matter how well Xander performed.

They were given two small wooden boats. Yuliana, Sadie, and Livia’s group got into the boat and very excitedly discussed their strategy.

Eric got on the boat and turned around to give his hand to Nicole. Nicole took a look at it but did not take it and jumped in herself.

Xander, the only one left, took a trembling glance at Eric before quickly bowing his head and jumping in himself, sitting even further away from Nicole.

Eric pursed his lips for a moment as his expression sank.

D**n it. Just looking at that counterfeit made his heart feel suffocated.

He sat down in the middle of the two of them.

Nicole looked at him and remained silent.

On the shore, Dominic said, “Alright everyone. On your marks- Go!”

The other boat began to row away merrily.

However, on this side.

Eric did not move.

Nicole did not move.

They were both presidents, and the only one who contributed was Xander.

Xander, the only one left, held the paddle and rowed twice, but it was not working.

Dominic watched from the shore with binoculars and felt like wiping Xander’s sweat for him.

The director said, “I see the gimmick for this group arrangement, but it’s so awkward…”

Dominic said, “You don’t understand.”

The director was speechless.

He waited for further explanation, but Dominic did not open his mouth again.

On the boat.

Eric smelled the sweet fragrance of Nicole’s body and his mood improved instantly. They were surrounded by beautiful scenery in the distance and the vast lake glistened, painting a gorgeous scene.

He suddenly remembered something and asked with a warm voice, “Have you thought of where you want your honeymoon?”

Xander did his best to look into the distance, rowing hard and acting as if he could not hear anything.

The cameraman cringed in the corner.

This was a divorce variety show. Would it develop into a remarriage variety show later?

Nicole’s brows jumped, and her face could not help but grow colder.

“Anywhere is fine as long as you’re not around.”

Eric’s eyes sank. She did not want to be with him?

His thin lips pursed tightly, and he looked at Xander to the side, extremely angry.

Nicole could not help but be annoyed and picked up the oar. “I’ll help you row, Xander.”

Xander said, “Okay!”

Eric’s expression darkened.

He fiercely snatched the oar in Nicole’s hand and said sullenly, “I’ll do it.”

How could he let Nicole do such crude work?

He sat on the opposite side and raised the oar.

“You know how to?”

Nicole questioned.

Eric smiled coldly. “I even know how to drive a yacht. How could I not know such a basic little action?”

Then, he forcefully plunged the oar in the water in front of the hull and got ready to push back, but there was suddenly something in front that was blocking him….

Eric frowned and exerted his force. Then, he heard Xander suddenly scream from across him, and he fell into the water the next second!

Nicole was shocked.

Xander flailed twice. “Help-“

Nicole could not help but grow anxious. What if someone actually d*****d?!

She looked at Eric and signaled for him to hurry up and think of a way.

Eric’s expression was ugly as he cursed Xander ten thousand times in his heart. This counterfeit was not only fake but also knew how to act!

He looked coldly at Xander thrashing in the water, completely unconcerned. Then, he finally could not help but sneer, “If you don’t want to d*e, then stand up!”


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