The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 587

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 587 – At the entrance of Stanton Mansion.

Unexpectedly, Floyd had also just returned from a fishing trip.

The two cars met just like that.

Eric was a little nervous in his heart. After all, his status had advanced further since the last time they met.

However, Nicole was exceptionally calm. She got out of the car and brought Lil Michael down, and the butler immediately took the boy inside.

Nicole wanted Eric to leave immediately, but he also got out of the car.

His buttoned suit made him appear noble and clear, and the cold and aloof temperament instantly conformed to him.

Nicole silently cursed him in her heart. His well-dressed figure was already walking towards Floyd’s car.

He did not want to miss this opportunity. He was willing to risk Nicole’s wrath, but he had to meet her parents!

Floyd did not get out of the car. He wound down the car window and narrowed his eyes.

“Mr. Ferguson?”

Eric lowered his head very politely as if he was meeting a familiar elder.

“Chairman Stanton, good evening.”

Floyd smiled and turned to his daughter, who was clearly a little annoyed.

“Lil N went out with Kai, but you were troubled to send her back. Thanks a lot.”

“Don’t mention it.”

Floyd said, “Why don’t you go in and have a cup of tea?”

He could not be too obvious in sending a guest off.

Eric replied, “Sure. Thank you, Chairman Stanton.”

Floyd and Nicole were speechless.

As soon as they entered the door, Tigger keenly analyzed the group and ran over excitedly.

“Papa, I love you so much…”

Its four little paws clung to Eric’s shoes, wanting to climb up but unable to. It looked at Eric pitifully.

Nicole rolled her eyes at it. ‘Robots are really heartless. I raised an ungrateful brat!’

Eric smiled and picked Tigger up with one hand, placing it on his other hand.

He responded warmly, “Papa loves you too… “

Floyd, who was walking in front, suddenly stopped and almost fell.

Nicole was completely speechless. This goddamned man. He was so shameless!

Everyone sat down, and the housekeeper immediately served a cup of coffee and two cups of milk.

The milk was served to Nicole and Floyd.

Floyd smiled apologetically. “Sorry for the poor hospitality, Mr. Ferguson. I’m too old and can’t sleep if I drink coffee, so I won’t be joining you. Lil N is also used to her beauty sleep and can’t drink coffee.”

Eric looked at the cup of rich hand – ground black coffee and forced a stiff smile on his face.

“I like drinking coffee at night.”

“That’s good.”

Nicole raised her brows. “Mr. Ferguson, since you like it so much, then try our black coffee.”

Eric’s eyes swept to her in a dark glance.


Since she offered, he would not refuse.

He picked up the cup, tried a few sips, and drank it completely.

Even Floyd seemed to notice that something was off.

He cleared his throat. “How’s your family?”

Eric nodded. “They’re all quite good.”

“Oh, I heard a while ago that you were getting married to that girl from the Harrison family. How did she suddenly become a m******r? It’s quite unfortunate. Your family must be very sad about this.”

Floyd suddenly remembered this incident and casually brought it up.

Eric smiled. “Those were just rumors. You’ve misunderstood, Chairman Stanton. We’ve never had the intention of joining her family in marriage, and we’re not sad about what happened to her.”

“She lived in your house, yet you’re saying that there was no intention of marriage?”

Nicole lazily sat on the sofa. If Eric was not around, she would have curled her legs and nestled up. It would be much more comfortable than how she felt now.

Eric looked at her as if he wanted to explain this matter specifically to her.

“Never. I only want to marry one person.”

‘That person is you.’

Nicole yawned and did not want to continue listening.

“Mr. Anderson, see the guest out.”


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