The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 584

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 584 – The scene was frozen.

Livia shook off Keith’s hand, her tone detached. “Taking this opportunity, I’ve decided to announce something.”

Everyone looked at her.

Livia said, “I’m going to set up a law firm which specializes in divorce cases involving mistresses. I will do my best to ensure the best interest of innocent victims. In the case of my failed marriage, I have been humiliated, ignored, trampled on, and slapped in the face. I can no longer stand it. To all the ladies present, the only thing that can protect us will only be our interests. That’s why, if you need any help, you can always come to find me.”

At those words, the banquet hall fell silent. Even the music stopped.

Keith’s face was devoid of any trace of blood. He looked at her in shock, as if he never knew the woman in front of him.

Then, lone applause suddenly sounded in the crowd.

Everyone looked for the source.

Nicole calmly clapped her hands, without regard for others.

Immediately after, Julie was the second.

Then, there was a third and a fourth…

The crowd’s applause became denser, louder, and more concentrated.

None of the women present had the courage to expose the most shameful side of their marriage.

Even if they divorced, it was mostly the men who dominated the division of property.

This also meant that once they divorced, their standard of living would plummet. That was why so many women chose to turn a blind eye to their husband’s betrayal in their marriages.

After all, no one had Nicole’s background and confidence.

Eric rubbed his eyebrows, his expression turning ugly.

He walked over to Nicole’s side and lowered his voice.

“Don’t get involved. Things are bad enough as it is.”

Nicole smiled at the words and looked at him with cold eyes.

That glance made Eric’s heart clench.

She said, “Mr. Ferguson, this bad situation was caused by Mr. Ludwig, wasn’t it?”

Before Eric could reply, Nicole snorted lightly.

“I didn’t have Ms. Lehman’s courage. Why didn’t I think of such a satisfying method of revenge before?”

At those words, Eric’s face turned cold, sunken, and somewhat pale.

His heart felt like it was strangled by thin threads, slowly oozing blood.

Did he forget?

What was the difference between the way Eric treated Nicole and how Keith treated Livia?

At the very least, the Old Master Ludwig still cared about Livia.

What about the Ferguson family?

The whole Ferguson family regarded Nicole as a thorn in their side.

Thinking of this, Eric felt a suffocating pain in his heart.

He gripped her wrist tightly, refusing to let go.

Nicole struggled for a moment, but it was useless, so she stopped fighting.

“Nicole, you have to believe that I’ve changed.”

Eric’s voice was deep and hoarse.

On the stage, Livia said, “Don’t believe when men say that they’ll change, because you can’t change a dog’s instinct to eat sh*t.”

Nicole could not help but smile.

Eric’s expression was extremely dark. He looked up at the stage and clenched his teeth.

“I love you. You’re more important to me than life itself.” Eric spoke firmly.

On the stage, Livia said, “Don’t believe men who easily say, ‘I love you’. Any affection that comes late is cheaper than grass. It’s not worth anything.”

This time, Nicole laughed out loud.

Eric took a deep breath. His eyes were sunken as he looked at the person on the stage.

He regretted coming here.

If Keith and that woman delayed his reconciliation with Nicole, Eric would never let them off the hook.

Eric moved close to Nicole’s ear, smelling the sweet fragrance of her body. He endured the throbbing in his heart and said hoarsely, “Nicole, don’t be influenced by her. I’m serious about you. If you don’t believe me, I’ll kneel for you.”


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