The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 567

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 567 – Xander gulped. A trace of panic and fear crossed his eyes.

“N-No… Mr. Ferguson, you’ve misunderstood.”

At this moment, Eric towered over Xander and looked down on him.

It showed the real gap between them.

Eric was so superior to Xander. It was not something that could be substituted with a face. In front of Eric, Xander was as lowly as an ant.

Xander’s foolish little thoughts were simply crushed to the ground.

How was Xander qualified to be Eric’s substitute?


Eric sneered. He threw a few pieces of paper on Xander’s face. His voice was devilish as he said, “You spent more than $800,000 on plastic surgery just to imitate my face? I can very well disclose these hospital records to the media.”

Xander’s face turned pale as he looked at Eric in h****r.

“Mr. Ferguson, please don’t…”

This was Xander’s biggest secret. He did not want others to know about his plastic surgery and thought that he hid it very well.

Back when a car accident d********d his face, the plastic surgeon asked him to find a template. Xander did not hesitate to choose Eric’s face because Eric Ferguson was the country’s leading financial tycoon and was more good-looking than most actors.

His career was booming. He also knew how much the public hated plastic surgery faces.

If people knew that he had deliberately made himself look like Eric Ferguson, then his career would be completely ruined.

Xander ran to kneel in front of Eric pleadingly, but he could not get close enough to touch Eric.

“Mr. Ferguson, please don’t say anything. I’ll do anything you want! I won’t think about Ms. Stanton again. Really! It’s not easy for me to get popular…”

Eric looked at him with a cold and disdainful gaze.

Xander simply could not care less. He knew that Nicole only treated him differently because he resembled Eric Ferguson.

He knew that she would eventually give up on him.

Eric said, “You’ll do anything?”

“Yes, anything!”

Eric sneered. “How far have you gone with Nicole?”

Eric watched Nicole and Xander’s intimate interaction for the whole day. Nicole’s words also showed that there was an extraordinary relationship between her and Xander

He had to know the situation, or else he would go crazy.

Xander froze for a moment and immediately shook his head. “W-We don’t have any development…”

Eric kicked Xander in the chest ruthlessly. His action was harsh and vicious.

He did not want to babble on, nor did he want others to talk about Nicole.

Xander’s face was pale as he covered his chest in pain. It took him a while to catch his breath. It felt like his ribs were broken.

“It’s true, Mr. Ferguson. I won’t dare to lie to you… Others in showbiz told me to take care of my financial backer, especially rich women. They said that I must be attentive and enthusiastic and cater to all her needs no matter what. I was just trying to please her so that she’ll continue to support me…”

Eric’s eyes were cold. After hearing this, he contemptuously swept a glance at Xander and walked away.

Xander breathed a sigh of relief and felt that he escaped a disaster.

In the next second, someone suddenly yanked his hair back and punched him in the face.

Then, countless punches and kicks came at him. Xander did not even have the strength to fight back. He could only cry and beg for mercy.

“I told the truth! Why are you still beating me up?”‘ Xander asked intermittently.

Twenty minutes later.

The siege stopped, and the bodyguard on the side finally spoke. “You’ve been warned. Don’t think about people that you shouldn’t be thinking of.”

After that, he led the others out.

The person Xander should not be thinking about was none other than Nicole.

Xander just felt a burst of despair. The rich woman he got his hands on was gone just like that.


After Eric came out of the hotel, he let out a long sigh. The heaviness he felt dissipated.

It was just as Toto said earlier. Nicole was just using Xander to agitate him and make him back off.

‘I will never back off!’ Eric thought.

With that thought, he took out his phone and sent a message to Nicole.

[Missing you on our first day together.]


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