The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 560

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 560 – Nicole sat there irritably replying to emails. Kai was not filming today, so she had to pick him up.

She did not notice that there was another person next to her, holding a small fan and gently fanning her.

Nicole raised her eyebrows. “Xander, what are you doing?”

It was a cold day, so why was he fanning her?

Xander looked a little embarrassed and squatted next to her chair.

“I’m afraid that you’ll feel hot, but I’m also scared that you’ll get too cold.”

Nicole wanted to gag.

He carried over a plate of fruit. “I just cut this. Ms. Stanton, do you want some?”

Nicole pushed it away. “No, thanks.”

Xander did not mind it and looked at her with an affectionate smile.

“I really didn’t expect that Mr. Kai would arrange such an important role for me. I got to be the second male lead!”

Nicole raised her eyebrows in surprise.

Second male lead?

“I know it must be because of you, Ms. Stanton. How can I thank you?”

Xander’s face that looked so much like Eric’s flashed a feminine smile. It just looked so out of place and unpleasant to the eyes.

Nicole looked away and laughed. “Maybe it’s because of your acting skills…”

“I definitely won’t let you down!”

Xander put his hands together in assurance and attentively took a small piece of fruit with a fork. “Ah…”

Nicole was bewildered.

She did not open her mouth, nor did he intend to stop. It would be awkward if this continued.

Thus, Nicole could only lower her head and take a bite. She did not eat another piece after.

Xander squatted down next to Nicole because there were no other chairs around. He looked like an obedient little puppy telling her about the gossip and drama he had come across in showbiz.

Nicole laughed perfunctorily from time to time. She was still hung up on Julie’s broken jade pendant.

The jade pendant was designed by Julie’s grandmother. It was the only memento Julie had of her grandmother, so Julie must be devastated that it was broken.

At this moment, she suddenly heard someone’s respectful greeting from not far away.

“Mr. Ferguson, with you here, our film will surely be blessed with great ratings!”

Nicole frowned and turned her head, meeting a pair of grim eyes.

He was standing under the eaves of the building on the opposite side of her gazebo. No one knew how long he had been watching her.

Xander’s hand that was holding up a piece of fruit shook slightly, so the fruit fell to the ground.

For some reason, Xander was so scared when he heard Eric’s name that he turned pale.

They were in a competitive relationship.

Although Eric had money and status, Xander thought that Nicole preferred himself.

Otherwise, Nicole would not have supported him to this day.

Thinking of this, Xander regained his courage to feed Nicole another piece of fruit. “Ah…”

Xander thought that Nicole would surely protect him no matter what happened.

Nicole subconsciously opened her mouth when the fruit was right next to her.

After she came back to her senses, it was already too late.

She looked in the opposite direction, but the man under the roof had already disappeared.

‘Good.’ Nicole breathed a sigh of relief. ‘It’s good that he saw… This way, he’ll probably give up on me now, right?’

She still felt annoyed and stood up from the chair.

Nicole glanced at Xander. “You should go for the shoot. The director is calling you.”

Xander looked over at the other side and saw the director waving at him.

He restrained his excited heart and trembling hands then looked at Nicole happily.

“Ms. Stanton, after I’m done with the shoot, I’ll personally send you back to the hotel.”

After that, he ran off without waiting for Nicole’s reaction.

Nicole looked at him in amazement. ‘Why would I need to stay in a hotel?’

In a flash, she finally figured it out. To him, she was his sugar mommy, so it was his obligation to serve her.

Nicole sneered. Her eyebrows were stern and delicate. A trace of disgust flashed in her pretty eyes.

When she turned around, she saw the man who was just standing under the roof right behind her.

His eyes were grim as he stared at her with a hint of despair.

‘WTF! He scared me!’


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