The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 557

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 557 – Nicole smiled and changed the topic. “K, aren’t you going to film a movie? Are you leaving today?”

Kai replied, “Mhmm. It’s mainly to bring some popularity to the newcomers. This batch of rookies isn’t that great.”

Nicole said, “I heard that your new girlfriend is also a rookie?”

The paparazzi snapped a picture of him and a new actress that was rumored to be his girlfriend.

Kai paused for a moment. His eyes flickered as he glanced at Floyd, who was next to him.

He coughed. “We broke up.”

Kai only used himself to create hype. Not many of those “girlfriends” were real. It was just to raise their popularity.

Nicole smiled awkwardly. “That’s good…”

Floyd sneered and slapped the table. “What kind of boss are you? Do you think you’re a decent person if you change girlfriends like you’re changing clothes?”

Kai almost choked on his soup. ‘How am I not a decent person?!’

“Dad, didn’t you always tell Lil N not to give up the ocean of fish for a small fry?!”

Floyd was so angry that he wanted to slap Kai. “Look at what you’re saying! How can you compare to your sister? You’re lucky for someone to be interested in you. How do you have an ocean of fish? Hah!”


Tigger wagged its tail and jumped off Kai’s lap to Nicole’s lap to avoid getting involved.

Kai’s heart suffered a huge blow.

After a scolding from Floyd, Kai left with his head hanging.

Nicole waited for him in the car. “I’ll send you to the office.”

Kai frowned. “You don’t need to work?”

“Grant gave me a day off!”

As soon as Kai left the house, he was in the spirit and resumed his superstar coolness.

When he reached the entrance of the office, a sweet-looking female artist with a slim body waved at him very enthusiastically.

Kai smiled and waved back.

Nicole was surprised. “Who is she?”

Kai looked at her. “My new girlfriend.”

Nicole was speechless. ‘So, he doesn’t ever take a break?’

Dominic Young did not expect the Stanton siblings to come together. Kai sat on the sofa lazily while going through the script.

He only did one film a year and had the right amount of exposure to remain mysterious while keeping his firm status in the industry.

Nicole just wanted to have some fun and did not expect a certain someone to bother her as soon as he heard the news of her arrival.

After a while, Dominic’s assistant knocked on the door.

“Mr. Young, Xander said that he has something important to discuss with you.”

Nicole froze when she heard Xander’s name.

She had been so busy recently that she almost forgot about him.

Xander would message her, but she never replied to them, so he gradually stopped sending them.

Nicole just felt that he was an eyesore because he had Eric’s face and his sissy temperament.

She wanted to avoid Xander, but Dominic nodded and allowed Xander to come in.

‘D**n it… It’s too late to hide…’ Nicole rolled her eyes at Dominic, who felt very wronged.

Dominic thought, ‘Isn’t Nicole Xander’s sugar mommy?’

Kai just watched the drama without a word. He acted as an invisible person.

“Hello, Mr. Young. Ms. Stanton, you’re here too?”

Xander spoke in a surprised tone. Nicole was amazed that his acting skills had improved so quickly.

It was really close to a professional level.

It seemed that his training did not go to waste!

Nicole laughed. “Xander, you’ve received a lot of endorsements recently, right?”

Xander nodded happily. He did not say anything awkward because he was delighted to see Nicole.

He walked over and pinched Nicole’s sleeve.

“Yes, thanks to you, Ms. Stanton. I miss you…”

Although those endorsements were for small goods, did not generate much money, and made him so tired, it was still better than nothing.


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