The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 553

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 553 – Eric silently went back to the sofa.

He was anxious, resentful, and helpless, so much so that he simply could not sleep that night.

It was just after dawn when he fell into a deep sleep.

Nicole woke up because of Yvette’s phone call.

“Is Eric Ferguson in your house?”

Yvette asked such a direct question as soon as Nicole picked up.

Nicole frowned. Her brain was still muddled as she answered, “Yes….”

“F*ck! Are you really back together?! You’re living together now? Is it serious or just a fling?”

After a moment of trance, Nicole finally came to her senses and caught the point.

“How do you know that he’s here?”

“Eric Ferguson posted a picture on his page, so everyone in the circle knows that you were together last night!”

After Yvette said that, Nicole hung up and looked through Eric’s social media, but it was blank.

Nicole took a deep breath and called Yvette back.

“Send me a screenshot of his post.”

“No way! He blocked you?! Hahahaha! His tawdry move is too funny….”

He even needed to sneak around to post on his social media.

Soon, Yvette sent Nicole the screenshot.

Nicole almost fainted after seeing it.

The photo was her portrait in the living room. His suggestive caption and reply to Keith’s comment made people’s imagination run wild.

‘This son of a b*tch Eric Ferguson did this on purpose!’

There were countless comments and likes in the screenshot, so everyone in the circle must know by now.

‘That *sshole!’ Nicole stormed out of her room in anger, but the living room was empty. The sofa was messy like it had been slept on, but he was no longer there.

‘Huh… He ran quite fast!’

Nicole went to get freshened up and went to work.

Fortunately, Eric did not have too many friends that could see his post. Those people in the circle would not come to bother her either.


Liberty Technologies recently became a hot topic of discussion. Their arrogant attitude towards consumers and their rude demands led to widespread discontent. This matter made it to the international news and attracted bad publicity.

There were demonstrations and protests from consumers that forced the Liberty government to suspend the production of Liberty Technologies’ braking system. A series of investigations were also launched.

At the same time, the sale of luxury cars with the brake sstem had to be suspended, but there was no intention to recall them.

Right on the cusp of this, J&L Corporation’s artificial intelligence car was also exposed, and everything pointed to the faulty braking system from Liberty Technologies.

Artificial intelligence was the future. Since human life would be in the hands of an emotionless machine, they would need to be extremely careful.

The result would be tragic if they did not take this seriously.

The investigation process was no longer kept secret and was unconditionally released to the public.

Soon, the relevant international departments published a report on the investigation of the AI system, claiming that the system worked well without any malfunction or accident.

Thus, there was no doubt that the problem lay elsewhere.

In less than a month, Liberty Technologies fell from glory. The once sought-after core technology company became a fraud that everyone criticized.

Even though the investors behind Liberty Technologies were powerful, no one dared to stand up for the company in the face of international public accusations.

Soon, the European countries, Mediania, and Liberty, jointly set up an investigation team. With the full cooperation of J&L Corporation, the matter was clearly investigated.

There was a small defect in Liberty Technologies’ components, but this defect was intermittent, so not every component had problems.

This was the reason that some owners claimed that there was no problem with their cars.

The results caused an uproar in the international arena.

Soon, the company announced the suspension of this production.

The artificial intelligence car came out of this unscathed and even got a wave of free advertising.

Gerard Lichman was satisfied with this result. He finally returned to Mediania in triumph and invited Nicole and Eric to dinner.


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