The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 549

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 549 – “Let go of me.” Nicole warned Eric.

Eric did not let go of her. Instead, he hugged her tighter.

His voice carried a coldness that was hard to conceal. “Who did you go to dinner with, huh?”

Eric was uncomfortable and was afraid that he would really lose her.

Nicole wrinkled her eyebrows. Eric spun her around and met her gaze. The two were in extreme proximity that was beyond the usual safe distance.

Nicole’s gaze was clear and cold as she tried to see what was wrong with Eric, but she did not notice any abnormalities.

He did not smell of alcohol.

She answered his question. “It’s none of your business. I don’t need to explain anything to you, right?”

Eric narrowed his eyes and smiled. A cold light flashed in his eyes.

He knew who she was out with, but he still wanted to hear that name from her mouth like some sort of m*******t who enjoyed torturing himself.

“Where’s my stuff?”‘ Nicole reminded him.

“What stuff?”

“You tricked me?!”

Eric laughed. He only wanted to find an excuse for her to leave the dinner, but he did not expect it to be more than an hour later.

His patience wore off little by little as he became manic. He had no choice but to hold back.

Eric casually took a flash drive from his car and put it into Nicole’s bag.

Nicole saw this and tried to push him away from her body, but Eric was unmoving. His gaze was dark as he looked at her.

The two of them stared at each other for more than ten seconds, but no one gave in.

Nicole suddenly realized that this was Eric’s true self.

His previous compromise was just an act.

Eric inadvertently swept over the navy-blue gift box that Nicole was holding. For some reason, his heart felt like it had been pierced by a needle.

After a moment of stinging pain, he yanked it away without hesitation and opened it.

The chrysanthemum made of gold was exquisite.

Without needing to guess, Eric already knew who this gift was from.

Nicole frowned and was just about to take it back from him, but Eric sneered and raised his arm, then threw it away.

The gift box landed in the trash can next to them.

“Some gifts shouldn’t be kept. I threw it away for you and will buy you something nicer.”

Eric looked at Nicole quietly with a monstrous wave of restraint in his eyes.

Nicole raised her eyes to look at him. After a long time, she said in a dull voice, “Pick it back up.”

Eric smiled. He held her slender waist with one hand and brought her closer to him.

“I’ve thought about my terms, Nicole. I want to s********h you.”

His voice was extremely light and faint, like the passing wind, but his words were clear in Nicole’s ears.

He wanted her to be his, then he would slowly win over her heart.

Although despicable, this method would work.

Nicole’s face changed slightly as he lifted her head to look at him.

In the dim light, he looked so cold, but he did not seem to be joking.

His eyes were dark with an unconcealed desire for her.

Eric still had a faint smile. His hand gently caressed the curve of her waist in a suggestive motion.

He was trying to get a physical reaction from her.

Nicole’s face was expressionless as she stared at him. “Pick it up.”


Eric laughed lightly. ‘Why would I pick up a gift from Clayton Sloan from the trash? Dream on!’

Just as his words fell, Nicole fiercely squeezed his hand and twisted it to the side. Eric did not expect her sudden counterattack and almost let her break his arm.

In the next second, his strength took over.

His arm was bent to her side and was vaguely trembling. She did not show mercy on him and used a vicious force earlier.

Nicole’s gaze was extremely cold as she lifted her leg to kick his crotch. Eric anticipated this and tried to hold her leg so that she could not move.

However, Nicole drew back in time and suddenly pulled his tie close to her. It was a move that Eric did not expect.


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