The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 545

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 545 – A big and tall woman climbed on top of Ivy and rained slaps down on her cheeks.


Ivy’s pleas for help were d*****d in the sound of the slaps. She felt numb by shame and pain.

Not far away, people saw this scene, but n o one came up to help. Instead, they took their phones out to take videos and posted them online. It was like a follow-up to the topic that had been trending all day.


[She really is a mistress! Serves that b*tch right!]

[The legal wife is beating up the mistress. There’s no good ending for homewreckers!]


In a blur, Ivy seemed to see Joy coming. Joy stood tall and cold beside her with resentment and anger in her eyes.

Ivy tried to call for help, but the woman on top of her was ruthless and did not give her any chance.

Time passed by the second, and each second was like torture.

The slapping finally stopped, and the fat woman got up from Ivy’s body and kicked her heavily on the chest. Ivy was already in too much pain to speak.

“I’m telling you, this isn’t over! If I see you again, I’ll beat you up again as well!”

Then, the woman left in a rage.

The next moment, Ivy also lost consciousness and passed out.

The Harrison family had become a mess.

They called Old Master Ferguson, who learned that things were not that simple. He hung up the call and asked around, then realized that it was hopeless for the Harrison family.

Old Master Ferguson did not expect the Harrisons to fall that easily, Nicole simply used a few tricks openly, but Harrison Corporation had no strength to fight back.

It seemed like he was wrong. Ivy was no longer worthy of having any relationship with the Ferguson family.

Recently, whether it was in Stanton Corporation, Stanton Mansion, or just around Nicole, there were many more bodyguards openly and covertly protecting her.

Ivy was sent to the hospital by a passerby. No one in the Harrison family cared about her.

Eli Harrison personally went to Stanton Corporation to apologize, but he was turned away at the door. The Stanton family’s attitude was very obvious. There was no use in apologizing. Nicole was trying to vent her anger.

In just half a month, Harrison Corporation gradually fell from glory.

Harrison Corporation became an empty shell. They also racked up a large sum of debts. However, since they had a mine behind them and had large capital, they would not fall overnight. Now, their remaining capital was less than one percent of what they had half a month ago.

To Harrison Corporation, this accident was big enough to be called a catastrophe.

Joy Harrison could not be bothered with the Harrison family affairs. Fortunately, she still had her in-laws.

She just felt resentful!

Inside the hospital.

Joy threw a cup heavily on the bed. Ivy, who was lying on the hospital bed, cowered and covered her head, not daring to say anything.

She could only endure this bullying.

“B*tch, it’s all your fault! Now that the Harrison family has collapsed, how are you so shameless to continue living?”

Joy’s body was shaking with anger. She could no longer hold her head up in the elite circle, and those high-society ladies were all avoiding her like the plague.

She was completely ostracized.

Joy took two steps forward, tore the quilt away, and yanked Ivy’s hair. She disregarded Ivy’s old and new wounds and slapped her heavily, but it was not enough for her to relieve her anger.

“We shouldn’t have let you come back to the Harrison family. You’re just an illegitimate daughter who shouldn’t be brought into the light. You should’ve just stayed in the gutter forever!”

Ivy cowered. Her gaze was dull as she remained silent.

She lay there, allowing the beating and scolding to happen.

Joy was tired of beating her and wanted to rest. She walked to the balcony and looked outside.

They were on the eighteenth floor of the hospital. The Harrison family would not spend another penny for Ivy.

“I’m telling you, you’re responsible for your medical expenses. If you don’t have money, steal or rob or sell your body… Ah….”

Before Joy could finish her sentence, she let out a harsh scream that cut through the dullness of the air.



A heavy thud made one’s heart tremble.

“Ahh, someone jumped off a building!”

“Someone, help…”



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