The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 537

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 537 – The office was silent for a moment.

Eric raised his head and met Gerard’s confused gaze.

“I’ve had people investigate that company already. ‘They’re backed by bigwigs in Liberty’s political party, and their shareholders are business leaders from various countries. Don’t try to confront them, and don’t involve Nicole in this either. I’ll see what I can do.”

At those words, Gerard glanced at him with a dark gaze.

A few seconds later, he could not help but ask, “This company has strong momentum and complex capital sources. There’s no reason for you to look down on them.”

He had known Eric for a long time, but Eric’s ability and background could not be easily summarized. His investments which the media reported about were just the tip of the iceberg.

In the beginning, Eric was interested in J&L Corporation only because the core R&D team in Gerard’s hands was tenacious and innovative enough. At the early stage of investment, he was just watching the growth potential of J&L.

What he did not expect was that Eric also invested in a rival company of J&L back then.

After all kinds of trials and tribulations, the one who survived in the end was Gerard’s J&L Corporation, That was how he walked to where he was here, step by step, and got to know Eric better and better.

They were the ones fighting and k*****g each other in the business world, and Eric was the one who strategizes.

Eric abandoned past prejudices. His thinking pushed him to the forefront, and his ability was truly worthy of admiration.

His power also extended far abroad, so there was no reason why he would ignore the rapid development of Liberty’s technology.

Furthermore, Eric did not want Nicole to know about this. What was he afraid of?

Gerard’s questioning eyes were focused on Eric. Eric’s eyes gradually became cold. His whole body was shrouded in an overwhelming chill.

His lips curled into a cold smile. “I have plenty of money, but I won’t invest in foreign technology. If I did, you wouldn’t be where you are now, Mr. Lichman.”

Eric’s voice was extremely cold. He was unwilling to explain more. The distance with Gerard instantly widened and a sharp barrier formed, making Eric seem so cold, gloomy, and mighty.

Gerard froze for a moment. His lips moved as he suddenly remembered that Eric used to be in the military, so a suspicion like that was simply an insult to Eric’s character.

He felt like he must have lost his mind to speculate against Eric like that.

They had worked together for a long time and could laugh and joke regularly, but the gap between Eric and him could not be compared.

In an instant, a heavy regret settled in Gerard.

Just as Gerard was about to apologize, Eric said in a low voice, “Mitchell, see Mr. Lichman off.”

The intercom was cut off, and Mitchell immediately appeared at the door, speaking respectfully and politely, “Mr. Lichman, this way, please…”

Gerard’s throat bobbed. Before leaving, he said, “Sorry, Eric. I was too petty.”

Only Eric was left in the office, his gaze faint and dim.

Gerard was an excellent manager and researcher, and a rare all-around talent. They would not fall out with each other because of a few words.

However, the air was still chilly.

Eric’s expression did not ease up.

He suddenly thought of Nicole. If it was her, she might not think so.

She would always be loyal to her faith and what she knew.

Eric began to miss her after going a few days without seeing her. It was like a compulsion, an addiction that he could not help.

However, he did not dare to appear in front of her too often because he was afraid that she would be annoyed.

It seemed like there were no opportunities for them to meet recently. After thinking about it, he decided to create an opportunity instead.

Mitchell came in to report on his work but hesitated when he saw Eric’s heavy mood.

Trembling and jittery, Mitchell finished the report and waited to be lectured.

After a long time, Eric stroked his chin with one hand and frowned. “What’s Ms. Stanton busy with lately?”

Mitchell was stunned for an instant before breathing out a large sigh of relief.


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