The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 530

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 530 – The public was both happy and afraid of artificial intelligence. It facilitated and made life convenient, but it also brought with it risks.

It was not as emotional as the human mind, and it did not have eyes to see and ears to listen with.

Its reason, analysis, data, coordination, and optimization constituted an intelligent yet unfeeling smart chip. It was a deadly danger if it went out of control.

This was also the reason why autopilot vehicles never dominated the market after it was introduced.

Humans trusted themselves more.

Once trust was lost, even a 1 in 10,000 chance of danger would cause great resentment among the people.

Gerard’s tone was heavy. “We’re not the first in this field, but our technology is the most refined thus far. We’ve been optimizing the system, and our AI is more sensitive, quicker, and better than others. However, we have to prepare for the worst. Do we stop it now or wait for the results?”

It was clear that 90% of this accident was due to a problem with the chip.

The public’s resentment would cause the stock to plummet, and the turmoil in the stock market would cause trouble to other aspects of their companies.

Nicole paused and said faintly, “I suggest that we wait for the results. Autopilot vehicles are a must for the future world. Even if we fail repeatedly, we shouldn’t lose our right to be involved in the future world. Someone will succeed eventually, so why not us?”

Gerard and Eric could not help but look at this woman.

Just now, their minds were weighing the pros and cons. There was no doubt that stopping it now was the best way to go.

However, it was such a shame to give up so easily.

On the contrary, Nicole did not even hesitate. She had more vision and she was more open-minded. Her words made the two people here instantly feel their blood pumping. There was no room for rebuttal.

This loss was nothing to them. They would suffer more losses if they lost this opportunity.

Gerard’s eyes when he looked at Nicole were clearly more solemn. He had more admiration for her than before. He nodded and agreed with her words.

“I think that since there’ll eventually be someone who succeeds, there’s no reason why it can’t be us.”

Eric’s eyes were fixed on Nicole’s body. His surprise was unconcealed, and he willingly admired the woman who was better than him. It was because she was Nicole Stanton.

His lips curled up, and his eyes faintly filled with excitement and approval. “Then there’s nothing else to say. I’ll contact the people in Europe and investigate the cause of the chip accident. Mr. Lichman, to be on the safe side, get two experts to go there together.”

Gerard nodded.

Nicole propped her chin up on her hand, thinking. “Then I’ll investigate the process of the chip being sent to Europe. I’ll find out what happened before and after the test, and who came into contact with the chip, both here and in Europe…”

What if it was not the chip, but because someone had tampered with it?

After all, this was the third trial. The first two trials went very smoothly.

Eric took a deep breath, sat up straight, and turned to Nicole after looking at his watch.

“It’s getting late. Why don’t we have dinner together?”

Nicole packed her things up. “I have an appointment. Goodbye.”

Then, she disappeared before waiting for anyone to react.

Gerard coughed and kindly dispelled the awkward atmosphere.

“Sure. I want to eat steak.”

Eric’s smile sank a little as his eyes lowered for a few seconds. “I’m busy. Get Mitchell to eat with you.”

Gerard was speechless.

Eric was not treating him like a person.

Mitchell looked at Eric with a troubled expression. ‘I also have an appointment tonight!’

Gerard could not help but laugh. “Mr. Ferguson, your remark about not looking for women in the trash is really thought-provoking. Unfortunately, women not in the trash don’t want to accompany you to dinner.”

Gerard secretly rebuffed Eric. ‘Nicole isn’t the same as Ivy. She doesn’t care about you!’

Eric’s face stiffened. His gaze was heavy as he glanced at Gerard expressionlessly

“If you’re in such a mood to eat, you should worry about the follow- up on the public opinion and stock market instead.”

Gerard’s smile faltered.

The mood to mock Eric was instantly gone.


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