The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 519

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 519 – Nicole handed Lil Michael to Logan and went straight to the conference room for a meeting.

When she came out again, Lil Michael was obediently waiting in her office doing a puzzle.

Nicole read documents for a while until her phone rang.

She picked it up and saw that it was from Clayton.

She answered it. “Mr. Sloan?”

“Ms. Stanton, is Michael behaving?”

Clayton’s voice was gentle and calm with a seductive tenderness that could hook one’s soul.

Nicole paused for a moment before snapping back to her senses.

“He’s very well-behaved. He’s doing a puzzle now.”

Clayton let out a low chuckle. “He colluded with the nanny and bodyguard to skip class and run away from home. I knew that he’d be with you.”

Lil Michael seemed to realize who Nicole was on the phone with and ran over with wide eyes.

“Pretty Lady, is that Daddy?”

Nicole handed him the phone. “Yup. Do you want to talk to him?”


Lil Michael decisively hung up the phone!

He put in a lot of effort to run out so that he could be alone with the Pretty Lady. He would not let anyone disturb them!

Nicole looked at the disconnected call and smiled before sending a message to Clayton. [I’ll send him back when he’s done playing.]

Clayton replied. [I’ll pick him up.]

A few seconds later, another message came in. [I’ll be able to see you too.]

Nicole was stunned for a moment. She did not know how to reply, so she simply did not.

Lil Michael pulled her arm and pouted. “Pretty Lady, don’t let Daddy take me away…”

Nicole pinched him and smiled. “Okay!”

Nearly noon.

Logan knocked on the door and came in. “Mr. Sloan is here.”

“Invite him in.”

Clayton’s warm and slender posture appeared in the doorway. He said with a gentle smile, “Am I disturbing you?

Nicole said, “Of course not.”

Clayton glanced at Lil Michael, who was playing with a ten-foot-long puzzle in an open space in the office. He looked like he was having fun.

Clayton smiled naturally and turned to Nicole. “Would you like to have a meal together?”

Nicole paused and subconsciously refused.

“No, I have an appointment later.”

Clayton’s smile deepened and he looked at Michael.

“Michael, will you invite the Pretty Lady to a meal on behalf of Daddy?”

Lil Michael finally raised his head. “Okay…”

As long as he could be with the Pretty Lady, he could endure it even if his Daddy tagged along.

Michael said, “Pretty Lady, will you go out on a date with me?”

Clayton’s expression darkened.

‘A date?! This boy needed a spanking!’

“If the Pretty Lady doesn’t want to eat, then I won’t eat either, and Daddy won’t eat too. Let Daddy starve to d***h!”

Clayton was speechless. ‘If everyone isn’t eating, why am I the only one who will starve to d***h?’

Nicole hesitated for a few seconds but really could not resist Michael’s adorable face as well as Clayton’s burning gaze on her.

She forced a smile. “Alright, I’ll postpone my appointment.”

Nicole already had plans, but they were not important, so she simply told Logan to postpone them.

There was a nice restaurant nearby.

They did not go to a private room and sat near the window which had a small swing instead.

Clayton obviously came prepared. A small bouquet of Baby’s Breath suddenly appeared, and he handed the radiant and beautiful flowers over.

“There was an old lady selling flowers at the door, so I just thought I’d support her business.”

Since he said that, Nicole could not refuse it.

However, Lil Michael took the bouquet for her in a huff.

He was vigilant and wary.

“Daddy, there’s no old lady selling flowers at the door. Adults shouldn’t lie…”

Clayton’s deep gaze at Lil Michael was extremely exasperated. ‘How can I raise such a son?!’

Lil Michael was now very suspicious that his daddy did not have good intentions towards the Pretty Lady either.

Daddy was not really helping him chase her. Daddy wanted to chase her for himself!

The father and son stared at each other with wide eyes. Their looks were very playful, so the atmosphere was relaxed and pleasant.

Nicole focused on peeling shrimp and looked up to see Quinn and Ivy.

“You… You even have a child?!”


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