The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 509

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 509 – Eric’s eyes were sunken and dark as he looked at her with guilt.

He already regretted lying to Nicole, but how could he make up for it?

Nicole did not want to look at him anymore and walked past him. In any case, she no longer had to hide from him, so she would just hang around for a while before leaving.

Eric watched her leave as if they were strangers. Their relationship seemed to return to the time when they were just divorced.

That coldness could freeze one’s heart.

However, he had put in so much effort to gradually repair their relationship into something normal. How could he just watch as he went back to square one?

Eric took a few steps forward and tried to chase after her, but a man suddenly ran up from behind him in a panic.

“Eric, listen to me. Why didn’t you answer my calls?”

It was Keith.

Ever since that incident, Eric blocked Keith.

He was prepared never to see Keith again.

Keith would not wait idly for his impending d***h. Eric did not acquire his company, which meant that he was leaving Keith some leeway.

After all, they were close friends. He was not like Yannick Zabinski.

They were good brothers!

Keith always joined in the fun whenever something happened in the circle. He was worried about not being able to meet Eric since the latter blocked him, so he immediately ran over when he heard that Eric would be attending Miles Kavanagh’s birthday party.

He was not this dedicated even when he was chasing skirts in the past.

Nicole disappeared the moment Eric got distracted.

There was a suffocating feeling in Eric’s heart as he glanced coldly at Keith, who caught up to him.

What an eyesore!

Eric felt that he was too lenient to Keith.

Keith was dressed nicely and looked like the typical frivolous trust fund kid. His casual temperament was completely different from Eric’s style.

He went up with a smile. “Eric, did your finger slip and accidentally block me?”

What a wonderful excuse!

Eric said, “Get lost…”

Keith froze and gritted his teeth. He was relentless. “I already explained it to Nicole. I really didn’t mean to. I was just so scared when she asked me that. You know that she has my n***s…”

He secretly lowered his voice at the end.

Eric frowned with a cold and annoyed gaze. “So, I’m supposed to take the blame for what you did?”

Keith pursed his lips and was silent for a few seconds. “I did it to drive a wedge between Clayton and Nicole for you. Although I didn’t succeed and even ended up dragging you down, I…”

His voice got lower.

He actually could not think of any excuse after that.

Eric did not want to hear him babbling on. How annoying!

Nicole stood on the balcony, enjoying the breeze. She could see the various situations below at a glance. Her slender and beautiful fingers held the wine glass. Her elegance stunned the person next to her.

Miles smiled and followed her gaze.

“I’m really sorry. I didn’t think that Nathaniel would invite people you don’t wish to see.”

Nicole raised her brows indifferently. “It’s your birthday. It’s fine as long as you’re happy.”

Besides, even without Nathaniel, Eric could go wherever he wanted unhindered with his ability.

After chatting with Miles for a while, a waiter holding a large bouquet of delicate roses suddenly walked towards Nicole.

It seemed like he was deliberately trying to be seen.

He did indeed attract the attention of many people.

Nicole’s mouth stiffened as she stood there in silence.

The waiter revealed his face from behind the large bouquet with difficulty and passed her a card that was stuck between the flowers.

“Ms. Stanton, someone asked me to pass this to you.”

Nicole did not give him a hard time and took the card.

She glanced at it.

It read.

[Dear Ms. Stanton, May I invite you to dinner tonight? I’ll be waiting for you downstairs. -Xander.]

Nicole especially took a glance at the signature. Yes, it was Xander, the person who had just fled from Eric earlier.


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