The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 506

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 506 – Ivy’s words resounded.

Nicole stopped in her tracks. Her face was surprisingly calm, but with a cold aloofness that seemed to keep others a thousand miles away from her.

She turned around and looked at Ivy like she was seeing a madwoman going through a neurotic episode.

It was bad enough a person had no inner quality, but to not have a brain either?

Logan heard the commotion and was worried that Ivy would do something to Nicole, so he stepped up to open the door.

Nicole’s tone was extremely cold, and her smile was tinged with contempt.

“My fault?”

Ivy looked at her while sobbing timidly.

Nicole was fed up with her hypocritical attitude.

“Ms. Harrison, if having money is a fault, then I guess I’m the most sinful and evil person. If you don’t get out of my sight now, I’ll make Harrison Corporation lose a few more partners. Would you like to try me?”

Nicole’s voice was pleasant, but the words she spoke were cold without a trace of warmth.

A trace of panic and fear finally flashed in Ivy’s eyes. Her act could not even work on Eli and Joy. How would she be able to fool Nicole?

Logan stepped forward. “President Nicole, the executive president of our European region has requested a video conference with you. Do you want to accept it?”

Nicole nodded in agreement and turned to leave.

Logan took one look at Ivy and tacitly found a bodyguard to escort her out.

Nicole’s threat was still ringing in Ivy’s ears, so she did not dare to stay and left Stanton Corporation with her tail between her legs.

For several days in a row, Harrison Corporation began to work closely with Stanton Corporation. Nicole casually had someone deal with it and did not give that enthusiastic a response.

Miles Kavanagh’s birthday arrived.

Nathaniel planned to throw a birthday party for him and invited several friends, including Nicole.

When she arrived at the club they agreed on, there were already plenty of people singing and dancing.

Nicole greeted them. They were all from the same circle, so there were no awkward silences whether they knew each other or not.

Miles came over and was very obviously happy when he saw Nicole.

The people around whistled and whooped.

Nicole silently spun the car key in her hand and threw it to Miles. “Your birthday present.”

Miles raised his brows and smiled when he caught the car keys.

“Why don’t you just transfer me ten million?”

Nicole gave him a luxury car for his birthday. The extravagance was completely in line with her character.

One could not be too stingy when it came to men!

“There’s no sincerity in gifting cash!”

Miles was just about to say something when he saw that Nicole froze in place. She stiffened when she faced a certain direction.

“Huh… Why did you invite all kinds of people?”

She actually saw Eric Ferguson at Miles’s birthday party.

Miles held his forehead in exasperation. ” Nathaniel invited him…”

He was speechless too!

It was because of this that he came over to inform her that Eric was here.

Nicole snorted coldly. If she had known beforehand, she would have just asked Logan to send the gift.

Just as she was feeling disgusted, Eric noticed her and came towards her without hesitation.

Nicole subconsciously reached out for Miles’s arm so that he could block her.

However, she did not manage to grab Miles because Nathaniel popped out of nowhere and dragged Miles away.

“Lil Miles, some friends over there specifically came over to sing a birthday song for you. Come come, let’s humor them…”

Miles was dragged away, and Nathaniel winked at Nicole. ” Nikki, take care of yourself…”

Nicole glared at him in resentment. Nathaniel was simply a scourge!

She turned around in anger and wanted to leave.

However, “Eric Ferguson” appeared in front of her.

She was shocked for a moment before snapping back to her senses. It was Xander!

Nicole secretly sighed in relief.

Xander in a suit was really the spitting image of Eric at that moment.

Unfortunately, his temperament was feminine and silent, while Eric’s movements flowed with nobility and sharpness.

That aura of superiority was simply impossible to imitate…


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