The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 491

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 491 – There was a flash of delight in Eric’s eyes.

Then, he sighed. “Forget it. How can I let you do it yourself?”

Toto said to retreat as an advance.

He had to adapt to the situation.

Nicole frowned and placed the ice pack on Eric’s forehead.

“Such a simple thing is nothing. Bear with it a little longer and wait for the doctor to come.”

Eric’s face faintly stiffened.

“That’s all?”

Nicole nodded. “Done. I didn’t touch you.”

He just said that he did not like anyone touching him!

Eric slowly closed his eyes and was speechless.

In the next second, Nicole’s phone rang.

Eric glanced at her phone and saw the caller ID.

It was Clayton Sloan.

His heart stalled for a moment.

“It’s so late. What could he be calling you for?”

He could not hide the jealousy and bitterness in his tone.

Eric felt so jealous that he wanted to k**l someone!

Nicole absently pursed her lips. “Work.”

She did not intend to explain anything to Eric because there was no need to do so.

After that, she stood up and went outside to answer the call.

Eric watched her stand up and leave.

The fire in his eyes was raging.

He was going mad with jealousy.

Eric subconsciously stood at the door to eavesdrop without making a sound.

Nicole picked up. It turned out that it was Lil Michael.

“Pretty Lady, I already miss you after a few hours! Do you miss me?”

“Yes, I miss you very much…”

She gently lowered her voice, which made the man behind the door turn colder and more hurt.


After hanging up, Nicole pushed the door in and saw Eric standing there. His silk pajamas were a little messy. The black color made his skin appear fairer, but it was abnormally pale.

A strong chill and grief enveloped the man. These two emotions intertwined, and his eyes were filled with anger and pain.

Nicole froze and frowned. “You…”

Eric was a step ahead. His dark eyes stared intently at Nicole as he asked her, “You’re just acting with him because of business, right?”

His voice was extremely restrained.

Eric was trying his best to control his emotions.

Once he said this, the corners of his eyes turned red.

He was expecting to hear her answer, but at the same time, he was afraid to hear it.

Nicole was silent for a few seconds to ease the sudden acceleration of his heartbeat, but in the next second, she suddenly realized something.

Eric was actually standing there without his cane!

‘His leg recovered? Didn’t he fall down the stairs and have a relapse? Wasn’t he unconscious from a fever?’

At this time, the husky ran to the balcony on the side and kept chewing on Eric’s cane, not noticing the tension between the two people.

The trace of pity in Nicole’s heart instantly dissipated. Instead, she only felt infuriated by this absurdity.

‘Eric Ferguson, this lying son of a b*tch!’

Nicole raised her eyes and looked at Eric with a dull gaze.

Her tone carried an indifferent coldness. “Who said that it’s a show? We’re planning to make it real!”

She watched as the man’s pupils constricted. His eyes suddenly turned red, but Nicole was unfazed.

Glancing at his healed legs, Nicole could no longer control the anger that surged in her heart.

“Okay, don’t disturb my date. I’m leaving.”

Nicole gnashed her teeth and turned around coldly to leave.

She was afraid that if she stayed for one more second, she would not be able to control herself and really cripple him.

Before she stepped out of the door, Eric took two steps forward and pressed her shoulders against the wall.

His lips unconsciously curved down. He was obviously anxious and sad, but he gently stroked Nicole’s hair like he was soothing an anxious kitten.

“Don’t leave, Nicole. I was wrong. I still have a fever. I’m still sick. You can’t leave me alone.”

His tone was so gentle as he coaxed her, but his eyes were bloodshot. His slightly trembling hands revealed his anxious and restless heart.


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