The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 486

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 486 – Joy Harrison’s face was glum as she scolded Ivy Harrison. Joy finally could not stand it and went up to slap Ivy.

“It’s all your fault! What exactly did you do to make Nicole so angry? The high-society ladies are now laughing at me for having such a useless sister like you!”

The elite circle was not very big, to begin with. Harrison Corporation was only big domestically and was not on the same level as the internationally renowned Stanton Corporation. Thus, Joy’s circle was not the same as Nicole’s.

Joy knew that Nicole’s circle was composed of the ultimate elites who stood at the top of the food chain, and she could only look up to her.

Ivy’s face was hot and painful from the slap.

All she felt was panic and shame.

It turned out that Nicole was not oblivious to what Ivy had done to her.

Nicole did not bother to deal with Ivy and went directly to Harrison Corporation.

The Harrison family was to take responsibility for Ivy’s mistakes.

This was a clear warning to Ivy so that she could understand the gap between her and Nicole.

Ivy and the Harrison family could not even retaliate with a small move from Nicole.

Nicole was really unforgiving.

Looking at Ivy’s wretched face made Joy recall the pitiful look on Ivy’s mother back when she broke up her family. This made Joy even more vengeful

Joy kicked Ivy and looked at her condescendingly.

“Tell me, what exactly did you do?

Ivy had no choice but to tell her the truth.


Stanton Corporation.

Nicole was listening to a department report in her office when Logan knocked on the door.

“Ms. Stanton.”

Nicole nodded and glanced at the head of the department. The man had the good sense to retreat.

Logan said, “Chairman Harrison just called saying that Ivy Harrison would like to apologize in person. In the meantime, they want to discuss the possibility of cooperation.”

Nicole let out a light laugh. When Eric introduced her to Eli Harrison, that man was so snobby thinking that he had Ferguson Corporation as a backer, so he did not bother to get to know Nicole.

Looking back on that scene, it was really ridiculous and pathetic.

‘Why is Harrison Corporation so anxious when I only took away such a small project?’

They were too impatient.

Nicole’s eyes flickered slightly.

“Forget about cooperation, Stanton Corporation can’t afford it.”

Logan immediately understood what Nicole meant. “Yes, Ms. Stanton, but we shouldn’t underestimate their power.”

Nicole smiled and spoke nonchalantly.

“Harrison Corporation isn’t the only one in power. Their archrival Sheldon Corporation has reached out to us. You can let the Harrisons know about this.”

Nicole was not afraid of offending anyone or losing the business.

Eli Harrison was not sincere and had never treated her with respect by placing his daughter in Stanton Corporation without first informing her, so it was clear that Harrison Corporation had no intention to have any dealings with Stanton Corporation.

Since that was the case, it was better to refuse them blatantly lest they make a fool of themselves.

Logan immediately nodded. “Understood.”

Nicole smiled in satisfaction and looked down to see a message on her phone.

It was a voice message from Lil Michael.

“Pretty Lady, I wanna treat you to a candlelight dinner!”

Nicole heard Lil Michael’s childish voice that was as soft and sweet as cotton candy and could not bear to reject him.

She replied, “Okay!”

It had been a long time since she saw Lil Michael, so she missed him.

Nicole thought that Lil Michael liked Tigger, so she immediately asked Kai to send Tigger over so that Lil Michael could play with it.

In less than 15 minutes, Kai reluctantly showed up at Stanton Corporation in sunglasses and a flashy sports car.

He immediately attracted everyone’s attention.

Kai’s stunningly handsome face soon appeared in the hot topics. When he saw his sister, he proudly ruffled his hair.

“Sigh… What do I have to do to be a little more mediocre? You shouldn’t miss this free advertising opportunity for any new diamond jewelry you have that I can endorse…”

Nicole rolled her eyes speechlessly.

“Well, our new diamond jewelry is for innocent young people. If you endorse them, we’ll surely lose money this quarter!”

Kai’s face stiffened.


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