The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 485

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 485 – Harrison Villa.

Ivy Harrison sensed that the atmosphere was not right as soon as she entered the door.

She saw Joy Harrison’s car parked in the courtyard, so she must have come back.

Usually, Joy would make a big fanfare of her presence because she wanted everyone to know that she was home.

It had never been so quiet when Joy was around.

This silence made Ivy more apprehensive.

As soon as Ivy pushed the door open, a glass ashtray was hurled at her. Ivy was shocked and felt a sharp pain in her shoulder.

She gritted her teeth as cold sweat dripped from her forehead. Her face was pale as she looked up and saw the two people sitting on the sofa. Joy and Eli Harrison were staring at her with cold and grim faces.

“You still have the nerve to come back?! I asked you to approach Eric Ferguson, but you came running back here, not to mention the big mess you’ve caused!”

Joy angrily hurled insults at Ivy. She had been keeping her wrath pent up inside as she waited for Ivy to return.

She showed no mercy.

“Haven’t you always dreamed of climbing up the social ladder? Don’t you have any ability to keep a man? Have you learned nothing from your home wrecking mother?”

To outsiders, Joy was a gentle and elegant high-society lady. Only Ivy, her half-sister, ever witnessed Joy’s mean and harsh side.

Ivy instantly stiffened in place as she stared dumbfounded at Joy and Eli.

Her biological and nominal father had always treated her as a disgrace since she was a child.

He always acquiesced to Joy’s bullying.

Ivy bit her lower lip and bowed her head, not daring to say a word.

Her heart was apprehensive as panic spread to her limbs. ‘Did they already find out so quickly that I was kicked out? How much do they know?’

Joy was even more infuriated when Ivy kept quiet.

She took a few steps forward and yanked Ivy’s hair with brute force.

“Speak! Are you mute? How dare you come back with the mess you’ve made?! You’re just a shameless illegitimate daughter. What use are you to stay alive?”

In an instant, Ivy felt the surroundings spinning as Joy shoved her to the floor. It hurt like h**l.

Ivy looked at her father, Eli Harrison, trying to plead for help, but he only had a cold face as he looked at her with disgust and disappointment.

Eli pointed at Ivy. “Your sister is right. What’s the use of having you in our family? You can’t even accomplish such a simple thing. I’ve done everything needed for you to get in touch with the Fergusons. As long as you can make Eric Ferguson happy, you can marry him without a problem, but you can’t even do that?”

Ivy only felt pain and coldness engulfing her.

She suddenly thought of that night. After going so far as to be almost n***d in front of Eric, he was still unmoved.

That gaze was no different from Eli’s gaze at this moment.

Ivy sobbed and begged for mercy. She had gotten used to all this bullying.

There was no other way because if she did not put up with it, she would have to go back to those hopeless and worthless days of the past.

Ivy had a taste of the rich life that she could not let go of. Instead of going back to the past where she was looked down on by everyone, she would rather act humbly in front of these two people.

She clenched her teeth and cried in a low voice, begging for them to let her go.

“Eric Ferguson doesn’t like me. I can’t help it. I’ve used all the methods I can think of, but he still won’t look at me.”

Joy laughed in exasperation and sneered.

“It’s fine if you can’t handle Eric Ferguson, but why did you have to offend Nicole Stanton?”

Her tone was extremely cold with extreme hatred.

Ivy froze and raised her head.

“You’re still pretending? Our big project that has been in discussion for more than half a year was taken by Stanton Corporation! Nicole clearly put out the word that she only took this away from us so that we can teach you how to behave properly!”


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