The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 481

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 481 – Eric’s attitude was resolute and cold, leaving no room for maneuver.

It was completely different from what Ivy Harrison imagined.

Ivy Harrison was completely overwhelmed. She panicked, and her eyes were glistening with pitiful tears.

Her eyes gradually reddened as she trembled, looking at Eric like she was about to cry.

“Mr. Ferguson, why? Everyone says that we’re a good match.”

Ivy Harrison was the youngest daughter of the Chairman of Harrison Corporation. With this identity, the distance between Eric and Ivy had been shortened.

‘Why does he still refuse to look at me? Why didn’t he look for me for a marriage alliance?’

During this period, Ivy could clearly see that Nicole was not at all interested in Eric.

Even so, why did Ivy not stand a chance with Eric?

She was puzzled and expectant.

However, Eric did not even glance at her, nor did he bother to explain to her because he did not want to waste time on an insignificant person.

Eric took out his phone and called Toto.

“Get someone to come up and clean the room.”

His voice carried a bone-piercing chill that made people shiver.

Eric turned around to leave, but he suddenly paused.

He looked at Nicole, who was standing at the opposite door. His emotions became complicated all of a sudden. He even panicked a little because he was afraid that she would misunderstand something.

Eric took a brisk step forward with a grim face. “Nicole, why are you here?”

Nicole raised an eyebrow and curled her eyes without hiding her emotions.

“I’m watching a good show, of course!”

She had anticipated that something was wrong from the very beginning.

From the time the cup of coffee accidentally spilled on Eric, Nicole noticed that there was something wrong with that assistant who handed her the coffee.

Nicole thought, ‘Who could it be?’

It was one of the staff who worked for Tucker, helping out with the J&L project who was in the same batch with Ivy. He must be very familiar with Ivy.

Otherwise, why would he create an opportunity for Ivy to come up to the room uninvited?

Thus, Nicole purposely followed to watch the whole show, and no one noticed her.

This show was much more exciting than Kai’s performance downstairs.

Unfortunately, Ivy’s level was still too low. Ivy should not have called the reporters here. She should have called both their parents to witness this.

Eric stood in place. His face looked glum and hurt because Nicole’s nonchalance was like rubbing salt into his wounds.

He would rather see Nicole get mad and scold him than stay out of his business.

“Is it nice?”

Eric acted as if nothing was wrong. His voice was extremely calm.

Nicole curled up her lips. “Although it’s a little cheesy, it’s still entertaining…”

Ivy’s tactics were not very clever to use such old tricks, but one could never get tired of such drama, especially since the target was Eric.

Nicole saw Eric’s cold gaze. It was a pity that Ivy no longer had the chance because Eric hated people who schemed against him. Nicole originally intended to help Ivy, but Ivy even schemed against her, so she would not ignore it.

Eric walked over with his cane. His indifferent and awe-inspiring temperament had a layer of chill.

When he got closer, Nicole could smell the biting scent of mint from his body.

Nicole was slightly stunned and lost in thought for a moment. She lifted her head and collected her smile.

Eric looked down at her. His thin lips parted slightly. “If you were the female lead, it would’ve been more entertaining.”

The ending would be unimaginable.

Eric had been looking forward to it for a long time.

Nicole did not avoid his eye contact, but she unconsciously held her breath for a moment.

Suddenly, she let out a light laugh.

“I can consider it if it was a different male lead.”

Eric’s eyes turned cold as he stared at her unblinkingly. The feeling that someone else was eyeing his things made him extremely uncomfortable.

He stepped forward without the slightest regard for his crippled leg and pushed Nicole to the wall. He pinned her down to keep her from moving.


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