The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 477

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 477 – Capital Grand Theater.

Nicole had front-row tickets.

She got out of the car in a light-colored dress. Although the design was conservative, it made her look tall and slender, with curves in the right places.

Nicole paired it with beautiful stilettos. Her temperament was bright and outstanding.

Logan brought back the dress from the boutique and passed it on to Ivy to hand it to Nicole.

The theater was surrounded by reporters and fans. It was extremely crowded.

It seemed that Kai the superstar really lived up to his title.

When Nicole walked down the steps, she slipped and broke the heel of her stilettos.

The reporters’ cameras kept flashing below. If she walked over like this, her odd look would definitely be on tomorrow’s headlines.

Nicole secretly cursed and quickly retreated into the car.

Luca asked, “Miss, what’s wrong?”

Nicole said, “The heel of my shoe is broken. Find me a new pair of shoes.”

Luca’s eyes widened in a dilemma.

Ivy Harrison, who was next to her, hastily spoke.

“I have a spare pair of heels here that’s about the same size as yours. Ms. Stanton, why don’t you wear this pair?”

Nicole looked at her silently.

Ivy maintained a stiff and careful smile.

Nicole said, “Sure, thanks.”

There was no other choice anyway. If she waited for her new shoes, it would delay the opening of the play.

The good thing was that the spare heels were new. Although it was not from a luxury brand, it was still passable.

As soon as they got out of the car, countless flashes gathered around Nicole, more enthusiastic than an actress walking the red carpet.

Nicole maintained an elegant stance and a decent smile. When she was halfway through her walk, the front strap of her heels suddenly came loose and broke.

She subconsciously bent down to fix it when she suddenly felt a chill down her spine.

The zipper of the dress came undone!

The weather was not too cold, but it was still slightly cooler at night compared to the day.

When Nicole realized this, her body stiffened.

Everything from the shoes to the dress seemed like an accident, but countless thoughts flashed through Nicole’s mind. All of them pointed to Ivy.

Nicole was kind enough to offer Ivy this opportunity, but Ivy was ungrateful.

The camera kept flashing. Nicole knew that as soon as she stood up, someone would immediately notice that her zipper came undone.

She could even feel the cold air starting to invade her every pore from the waist up.

The reporters were a little surprised by her actions and felt that something was wrong.

Nicole took a deep breath and was ready to be mocked by everyone in a few seconds.

She had no choice but to accept this miserable loss.

The moment Nicole gritted her teeth and straightened up, a tall and broad figure suddenly loomed over her. A black suit jacket was draped over her tightly.

It felt warm and comfortable.

Nicole was stunned for a moment, so she turned her head and was surprised to see Clayton Sloan standing there.

Clayton smiled and did not back down from the flashing cameras, nor did he make any inappropriate moves. It just looked like he was worried about her being cold.

Everyone saw Clayton and recognized him as the man in the picture that Nicole posted that day which caused a big buzz online.

Soon, the reporters raised their cameras with excitement.

“Ms. Stanton, may I ask if he is really your new love interest?”

“Are you two really together?”

“Mr. Ferguson will also be present today. Do you have anything you want to say to him?”

“Are you two on a date? Ms. Stanton, can you introduce this man beside you?”


The countless hustle and bustle seemed to be distant from Nicole.

All she saw was Clayton’s gentle smile that soothed her restless heart like fresh spring water.

Clayton did not speak and only smiled at the camera. He then turned around and led her into the theater.

There were no reporters inside the theater, so Nicole instantly felt relieved.

She sat on the sofa in the lounge.

Clayton’s gaze was fixed on her shoes with a heavy expression.

Suddenly, he knelt on one knee next to her and took off her shoes.

“These shoes don’t match your dress today.”

Her dress was a custom-made premium collection, while these shoes were common off-the-rack heels.

Clayton looked up just as Nicole looked down.

Their eyes met, and time seemed to freeze.

One second…

Two seconds…

Three seconds…

“What are you doing?”

Eric’s icy cold voice broke the intimate silence.


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