The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 473

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 473 – Nicole had a smug smile on her face. She nodded to the others and raised an eyebrow at Ian. “Carter, this business expansion of yours is quite sudden, huh?”

Ian leaned into her and whispered. “I’m just lucky to have you! I didn’t expect to clear it out so quickly…”

Otherwise, Ian would have to pay for his big talk out of his own pocket.

The two bigwigs sat in the front. The signing ceremony was simple, solemn, and quick.

This time, the main character was Ian because he was the organizer. Naturally, everyone’s attention was focused on him.

Nicole sat next to Ian and stole the limelight, as always.

Ian and Nicole were surrounded by others for small talk as they talked joyously. The atmosphere was harmonious and relaxed.

The people surrounding Eric and Clayton were those who wanted to patronize them, which was a completely different scene from Nicole and Ian.

Clayton and Eric looked restrained and calm as they looked at the other side. They both could not help but feel like they were helping a love rival.

In the middle of the reception.

Nicole frowned when she saw Eric limping over. She took a few steps forward.

“Mr. Ferguson, you can find someone to attend on your behalf if it’s not convenient for you to move around.”

Eric’s eyebrows relaxed a bit.

“I wanted to come personally to ask when you will be coming back to Imperial Gardens.”

In the beginning, she promised that she would stay with him until he was fully recovered.

Nicole paused for a moment. The corners of her lips curled up slightly.

“I don’t think it’s appropriate for me to be there. Isn’t Ms. Harrison here for you, Mr. Ferguson? If I go back to Imperial Gardens, I’m afraid the entire Ferguson family would want to skin me alive!”

Eric’s eyes sank slightly. His face immediately turned glum when at the mention of that name.

Sure enough, everyone knew what the Ferguson family was going for. Nicole was so smart, so how could she not see it?

“No one else but you have any possibility of being my wife, and no one can decide for me.”

Eric’s tone was resolute. His eyes were extremely firm.

Nicole lowered her head and smiled as if nothing had happened.

“Forget it. The Stanton family and the Ferguson family’s relationship finally eased. If we repeatedly challenge each other’s patience, I’m afraid that it’ll be difficult to mend it later. We should look towards common interests, don’t you think so, Mr. Ferguson?”

They were business people, so of course, interests came first.

Eric held his breath for a moment. His eyes carried a hint of helplessness.

He wanted to talk to her about his feelings, but it turned out that she only wanted to talk about money.

“I’ll solve this matter as soon as possible.”

Ivy Harrison was an eyesore to Eric. He did not want to drag this on.

Nicole laughed and did not say anything. Ian came over from the side holding a glass of wine. He sized up Eric.

“Mr. Ferguson, thanks a lot, but I’m curious as to what prompted you to lend a helping hand?”

Eric Ferguson was not someone who did charity without a purpose.

Eric’s voice was cold and deep. “If it’s not for Nicole, do you think it’s for you?”

Ian raised his eyebrows. This answer was within expectation.

He keenly noticed the dignified and poised Clayton on the side and hurriedly greeted him.

“Mr. Sloan, it’s an honor. Thanks for your timely help, but I’m curious as to what prompted you to lend a helping hand?”

Nicole shot a warning glance at Ian, telling him not to stir up trouble.

Ian was completely unconcerned and ignored her warning.

Eric swept a glance at the two men. His gaze finally landed on Clayton as well.

Clayton smiled faintly and spoke.

“Isn’t it normal to do what we can for those in need? The people in those mountainous regions need our help, and a s businessmen, we have the responsibility and obligation to dedicate some resources for public welfare. Mr. Carter, I’ll gladly oblige if you have more of such plans in the future.”

Ian was dumbstruck.

Nicole was also stunned with admiration in his eyes.

Eric speechlessly looked away, ‘Hah! What a hypocrite!’


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