The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 472

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 472 – Imperial Gardens.

The night was chilly and quiet.

Toto looked at Eric, who was standing on the balcony, and could not help but speak. “Ms. Stanton won’t come back tonight. She just came back, so she should be resting at home…”

Eric gave him a blank look. “I know.”

‘Then why are you still waiting here?’ Toto thought.

“Actually, it might not be a bad idea for Ms. Harrison to stay. Maybe Ms. Stanton will get jealous and you two will make up?”

‘Jealous?’ Eric’s face sank. He did not expect that Toto would rub salt into his wounded heart. His gaze was intimidating as he glared at Toto.

His voice was cold.

“Do you think I’m not having a bad enough time?”

Nicole would love for Ivy Harrison to stay because she even took the initiative to create opportunities for them back in Santos Island.


Eric dared not think about it.

Should he bet the rest of his life on Nicole’s soft heart?

No, he was not worthy.

Toto shrunk back. He originally thought that this trip would be a breeze, but who knew Clayton Sloan and Ivy Harrison interfered.

These two people were not easy to deal with either.

Toto felt that he would sooner or later be thrown into the Seine!

For several days in a row, Nicole did not return to Imperial Gardens.

The excuse she gave was that the company had a backlog of things that needed to be dealt with.

Nicole felt a lot more relaxed not seeing Eric for a few days.

Besides going to the office, Nicole would go out with Julie and Yvette, Ian would join when he was bored. It felt like she had returned to her old life before Eric, which made her heart feel warm and satisfied.

Nicole scrolled through social media and saw many “health tips” from Floyd and his generation of friends. The high-society ladies like Yvette and Julie posted selfies and their shopping haul and complained about their rich and boring life while they continued to expand their business and family fortune.

However, Ian’s post was a little off. The usually frivolous young master suddenly changed his style!

Ian posted. [Agricultural products reform. Carrots, green vegetables, potatoes, and everything!]

Many of their friends commented on Ian’s post.

[Are they made of jade? Young Master Carter, you really are different!]

[If Young Master Carter is going into luxury decorations, will the stock market go up?]

[Ian, did you buy land? I heard that several thousand acres in the South were recently bought. Congratulations!]

Ian’s reply. [There are a lot of unsellable agricultural products in mountainous areas. Whoever wants it, please make an order with me! Appreciate it if everyone can help share this post!]

Old Master Carter commented below. [I don’t see you promoting your family’s diamonds so enthusiastically!]

There was silence afterward.

Nicole looked at it again. She laughed and shared it on her page after some thought.

Yvette privately messaged Nicole.

[Yvette Quimbey: Why are you catering to Ian’s craziness?]

[Nicole Stanton: I’m just helping to share.]

There was a notification of a reply to her shared post.

[Toto: Our kind Mr. Ferguson said that he’ll order two thousand pounds. Payment can be made at any time.]

Nicole raised her eyebrows and asked Ian if two thousand pounds was enough. At the same time, Clayton also replied.

[Clayton Sloan: I’ll take whatever’s left.]

Wow, how generous!

When Ian found out, he was jumping in joy. He coincidentally had four thousand pounds, so it was evenly distributed.

Ian called Nicole. “You must attend our celebration this evening. Invite those two big shots too so they can sign the contract and make payments. I’ll wait for you!”

Nicole did not even get the chance to refuse. For a moment, she regretted being a busybody. Thus, she had to ask if Eric and Clayton had time. Who knew that these two very busy men promised that they would attend without hesitation?

Eric gave up his wheelchair to attend the occasion, He was supported by his cane and looked steady and calm.

As always, Clayton looked warm and noble.

Nicole did not expect that so many political and industry bigwigs to attend this celebration. None of the guests were ordinary people. It was not a place for the general public.

Ian Carter was inside socializing with the guests with a smile plastered on his face. When he saw Nicole coming in, he hurriedly welcomed her. “My Goddess of Wealth!”


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