The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 470

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 470 – Lil Michael grunted. “Bring over the sugar. I’ll put it in myself!”

He could not trust the people on Mean Mister’s plane.

What if they did not put any sugar and gave Pretty Lady bitter coffee?

The flight attendant brought him a cup of coffee and a jar of sugar.

Eric hooked his lips meaningfully and deliberately teased him.

“Don’t add too much sugar. Pretty Lady doesn’t like sweet drinks.”

Lil Michael stuck out his tongue and did not believe Eric. He did the exact opposite because he thought that Pretty Lady must love sweet things!

Without a word, Lil Michael scooped huge spoonfuls of sugar into the coffee until it was about to spill over from the cup before he stopped and looked satisfied.

‘Pretty Lady must be able to feel my love for her!’

Eric raised his eyebrows and smiled at him but did not stop it.

He reached out and slowly sipped his bitter coffee. ‘How aromatic!’

Lil Michael jumped off the chair and carefully carried the sweet coffee to Nicole.

“Pretty Lady! I made this coffee especially for you. You’re the only one in the world that gets to taste this…”

Nicole paused and spoke with a smile. “Aww, thanks. Just put it here. I just had a cup, so I’ll drink it after a while.”

Lil Michael cheerfully nodded and bounced back to his seat.

Floyd reached out and said, “I’m thirsty. Can I have it?”

Of course, Nicole did not refuse.

She handed the cup of coffee to Floyd, who took a sip with anticipation, but he quickly spat it back out.

Nicole was startled and got him a tissue. “Dad, are you okay?”

Floyd had a complex look when he glanced at Lil Michael, He looked at his daughter and was hesitant to comment on the sweet coffee.

“It’s nothing. I suddenly remembered that I need to control my blood sugar.”

If he finished this cup of coffee, he would most likely d*e of sweetness

Lil Michael was a smart and perceptive child and noticed it.

Nicole got the flight attendant to take away the coffee, which Eric and Lil Michael saw. One of them was gloating, while the latter gnashed his teeth.

Lil Michael knew that he was duped and was exasperated.

“Mean Mister, you shouldn’t bully children!”

Eric smirked slowly and deliberately teased him.

“We’re all men, no? How are you a child?”

Lil Michael grunted heavily and looked away from him.

‘When I inherit Daddy’s estate, I’ll stomp all over this Mean Mister!’

The plane landed.

Eric sent Nicole and Floyd back to the Stanton Mansion.

He then went to Ferguson Villa.

Old Master Ferguson was waiting for him at home.

Quinn seemed to be in a good mood because Old Master Ferguson finally changed his mind and was willing to give up on Nicole and the Stanton family. Thus, she would not need to put up with Nicole.

She would willingly accept any woman but Nicole as her daughter-in-law because Quinn thought that she could control those women.

This time, Eric risked his life for Nicole and even disregarded the company’s affairs just to accompany Nicole on a tour. Old Master Ferguson was pissed off because of this and finally made up his mind to give up on a marriage alliance with the Stanton family.

As soon as Eric entered the villa, he saw that Quinn was talking nicely to a woman in the living room.

Surprisingly, it was Ivy Harrison.

Ivy also looked like she had just arrived. When she saw Eric, she stood up in a hurry.

“Mr. Ferguson, you’re back!”

Quinn was satisfied with Ivy because this girl was good-tempered, soft-natured, and easy to control.

Eric wrinkled his brows. “Why are you here?”

His voice was harsh and cold.

He held a cane on one side and his face became gloomier.

Ivy’s face stiffened. Quinn, who was on the side, smiled as she said, “I was the one who invited Ms. Harrison to our home. Our families are old partners and should interact more. Ms. Harrison is here to sightsee, so she’ll stay for a few days here. Eric, you have to accompany her and make sure she enjoys her time here.”


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