The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 469

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 469 – Lil Michael looked at the dog that was as tall as he was and felt that it looked stupid and ugly.

“Pets aren’t allowed on planes!”

Eric glanced at him and smirked. “My private jet allows it.”

Lil Michael paused for a moment and suddenly felt that he was outclassed. No way!

He shook Nicole’s hand and looked at her with a firm gaze.

“Pretty Lady, when I get back home, I’ll order you a plane made of gold and studded with precious gems!”

‘I can’t let my pretty lady be lured by Mean Mister!’

The corners of Nicole’s lips stiffened. She smiled at Lil Michael.

“No, I don’t like planes.”

Lil Michael let out a very dejected “oh” and felt disappointed because it was yet another day that he did not successfully give his pretty lady a gift.

When everyone walked out of the hotel, the husky suddenly barked.


At the same time, Nicole saw the woman standing in front of the hotel, shivering from the cold.

She was very familiar. It was Ivy Harrison.

Ivy was still wearing Keith’s suit jacket, but her dress was already dried. She was shivering because of the early morning chill. Ivy looked so fragile and pitiful as she stood there.

The husky smelled Keith’s jacket and thought that Keith was here, but seeing that it was not, it lazily walked behind Toto.

When Ivy saw Eric, her eyes lit up because she was happy to see him. She went over to him, but when she saw the person behind him, she stopped in her steps and retreated a little.

Nicole’s eyes flickered. It seemed that Eli Harrison had made up his mind to give his daughter to Eric Ferguson.

Floyd did not recognize Ivy and frowned. “Who’s this?”

Eric’s gaze turned cold.

Toto hastily spoke. “We don’t know her. I don’t know and Mr. Ferguson knows even less!”

He sounded anxious to cut off all ties with Ivy, but they clearly recognized her.

Ivy looked at Eric with wounded eyes. She hesitated to speak.

“Mr. Ferguson, Old Master Ferguson invited me to Atlanta and asked me to go with your flight.”

Eric’s face was cold and sullen. Floyd was thinking on the side.

A few seconds later, Nicole smiled. “That’s really a coincidence. Let her follow then.”

Nicole took Lil Michael’s hand and went over to the car.

Floyd did not say anything and followed suit.

Eric took a few steps with his cane. Ivy followed them happily when Eric suddenly stopped in his tracks.

He instructed Toto with a surprising coldness in his voice, “Get the hotel to buy a plane ticket for her.”

Toto answered loudly, “Yes, Mr. Ferguson!”

Ivy froze in place. Her body was stiff as she felt the blood in her body clot.

She felt humiliated like she was slapped in public without an ounce of respect.

Nicole could take Eric’s private jet, but Ivy was only deserving of a commercial flight.

Toto hurriedly called the hotel manager, who ran over. He looked at Ivy and said, “Book a ticket for Ms. Harrison back to Atlanta.”

After that, Toto quickly got into the car and left.

On the plane.

Nicole and Floyd were discussing the company’s affairs, so they were sitting face to face.

Toto took care of the husky.

Thus, Eric could only sit face to face with Lil Michael.

The flight attendant politely put down a cup of coffee for Eric and gave Lil Michael a glass of milk. She could not help but look at Lil Michael a few more times and cooed. “What a cute little kid!”

Lil Michael was upset. “We’re all men, so why did you give me a glass of milk?”

He wittily rolled his eyes and saw that Nicole did not have a drink, so he cleared his throat like a tiny adult.

“Give me a cup of coffee. I want to give it to my pretty lady.”

‘Nanny told me that all girls like sweets.’ Lil Michael thought.

Eric raised his eyebrows and chuckled. “Put less sugar. She doesn’t like it.”


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