The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 449

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 449 – Clayton glanced at Nicole and laughed. ” You came up with a hundred ways to p**s Leroy off, huh?”

Nicole’s eyes curved in pretty arcs as she smiled. “He has a weird temper that needs to be checked at times.”

Clayton nodded in agreement.

As soon as they came out, Toto greeted them.

“Ms. Stanton, you’re finally out! Mr. Ferguson is worried that you’ll be hungry because you haven’t had anything to eat this morning. A man like him that’s so attentive, kind, and rich is truly a rare species…”

Nicole rolled her eyes and glanced at Toto with a warning gaze.

“He can go extinct then!”

Toto shrunk back and felt like saying something.

He glanced at Clayton, coughed, and walked between them to separate Nicole and Clayton.

The three of them walking together was a weird sight. The two on the side were tall and slender with outstanding looks, while the one in the middle was a short and fat obstacle.

Toto was not aware that he ruined a beautiful picture.

He was like a groundhog hopping around.

“Mr. Sloan, I didn’t expect you to be here either! Ms. Stanton, weren’t you here to see your professor? What a coincidence, huh? Hahahahahaha…”

Clayton walked forward in silence with no intention of responding to him.

Nicole swore that she would never take Toto out with her next time!

She looked at the scenery on the other side and ignored Toto.

Toto’s confidence was once again shattered.

He suddenly had an idea and turned to look at Luca. He stretched out his chubby arm and beckoned to him.

“Luca, take a picture for us! After all, it’s rare for Ms. Stanton to come here. We should capture this moment!”

Luca narrowed his eyes and looked at Nicole.

Nicole hesitated for a moment and nodded.


Luca calmly took out his phone. Clayton did not move away and was pondering whether he should leave when Nicole called out to him.

“Mr. Sloan, wanna join us?”

Clayton lowered his eyes for two seconds and gladly agreed.

He stepped forward and leaned towards Nicole.

Toto’s cheerful face stiffened slightly, but he quickly regained his confidence.

‘Ms. Stanton only invited him because she’s polite… Yes, that must be it!’

Toto happily stretched his hands to the top of his head to create a heart and smiled widely. He was really glad for this moment because it was such a privilege to be in the same frame with “The Beautiful Goddess Ms. Stanton”!

Clayton and Nicole were separated by Toto, Clayton’s awe-inspiring regality was undisguised. He stood there expressionless like he was facing the media at a press conference.

Luca held up his phone and hesitated to snap the picture.

Toto’s arms trembled as he held it up.

His arms were getting sore from the long wait.

“Luca, what’s taking so long?”

Luca silently put down the phone.

“It’s ugly.”

“What?! Ugly?! How can Ms. Stanton ever be associated with that word?! She’s the Beautiful Goddess Nicole!” Toto was offended and lectured Luca.

Luca narrowed his eyes, “You’re ugly.”

The air instantly froze.

Toto furiously crossed his arms. “I don’t believe it!”

He rushed over to give Luca a piece of his mind.

Before Toto got to Luca, Luca suddenly raised his phone. There was a flash as he snapped the picture to capture that moment.

Luca calmly put down his phone.

“Now, that’s a nice picture.”

With that, Luca walked past Toto and handed the phone to Nicole. “What do you think, Miss?”

Nicole took it over and smiled when she saw the picture.


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