The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 444

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 444 – Nicole wanted to say something sarcastic but thinking of the fireworks earlier, her tone eased a little.

“You think too much. Sleep early.”

Before she closed the door, Eric tilted his head a little and suddenly said, “I’m hungry. I want what you’re having.”

Toto immediately said, “That’s the last portion… Ms. Stanton, you’ll be bored if you eat alone, why don’t you share some with Mr. Ferguson?”

It would be a romantic supper for just the two of them!

Nicole narrowed her eyes and did not say anything.

Eric added, “I won’t eat much…”

He only wanted to go to her room and accompany her for one meal.

Nicole raised her eyebrows and laughed lightly. She turned around, picked up the tray, and handed it to Toto.

“Okay, I’m not eating. It’s all yours.”

She really regretted holding back her harsh words earlier. Eric’s stupid habit of pushing his luck really made her want to kick him to d***h.

Eric wrinkled his eyebrows. “I don’t mean this.”

“But I do,” she said.

“Aren’t you hungry?” Eric looked at her.

She did not eat anything earlier.

Nicole retorted. “Well, just so that you can have enough, just let me starve to d***h!”

Eric froze. He originally thought of taking advantage of Nicole’s soft heart to ease their relationship. He forgot how stubborn Nicole was.

He hesitated to take it, but Nicole had already shoved the tray to Toto.

“Toto, make sure Mr. Ferguson doesn’t choke to d***h.”

Nicole smirked and slammed her room door shut.

Eric gritted his teeth and laughed in exasperation.

‘She really doesn’t compromise!’

His chest felt stuffy.

Toto stood there with the tray and looked embarrassed.

He especially prepared this for Nicole according to her preferences. Eric would not appreciate it.

Toto snapped his head up and said ingratiatingly, “Mr. Ferguson, you should eat it on behalf of Ms. Stanton since she offered it to you so that you can get more nutrition and recover faster!”

Eric only glared at him coldly. Toto bowed his head and stared at the tray of food. ‘Fine… I’ll eat it. We can’t waste food…’

Nicole went back to her room and saw the picture that Floyd sent her. It was a photo of Nicole and Eric on the bridge with fireworks in the background. Nicole was looking at the river while Eric was staring at her with such deep affection from his wheelchair, Time seemed to stop at that moment.

She knew why her father took this photo. Even Floyd felt soft-hearted, but she did not.

Nicole silently deleted the photo and clicked into the group chat with her doctorate friends.

The group knew that Nicole was in France, so it was very active.

One of them brought up today’s top news.

[Nic, did you see the fireworks on the Seine today? All major media are going crazy trying to get news about it! It’s a rare sight in a hundred years…]

[Yeah! Remember the first birthday you spent here? I remember you wrote in our school’s public class record that your wish was to see fireworks on the banks of the Seine! I think that book might still be there…]


Nicole scrolled through the messages. Her mind went blank for a moment. She suddenly realized something.

She had forgotten that watching fireworks on the banks of the Seine was the first wish she made when she had to spend her birthday alone the first year she was in France.

At that time, she had nothing to wish for, so she just casually wrote down a wish that probably would not come true.

She never thought that it would come true today.

Nicole pursed her lips. Her heart clenched and she found it hard to breathe.

Eric didn’t plan this because of my wish, right?’

She put away her phone and looked out the window. The warm lights around the chateau and green landscape were such a beautiful scene like a dream. A light drizzle left oblique watermarks on the window.

Nicole laughed. ‘It’s probably just coincidental. How would Eric know about her wish anyway?’

At that moment, she received a message from Eric.

[To the smart and beautiful Ms. Stanton, I hope that all your wishes will come true. -Your eternal fan.]

Nicole could not help but roll her eyes as she laughed in exasperation.

She replied. [It’s my misfortune to have you as my fan!]


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