The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 440

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 440 – Eric finally got his wish for Nicole to push him around the banks of the Seine.

Nicole was purely enjoying the scenery and did not really want to listen to Toto’s annoying chatter.

After getting rid of the others, Eric’s expression eased significantly.

In front of them, a fit, tattooed man was busking with a violin. He was very immersed in the music and had a crowd gathered around him.

If the sound of the violin was elegant and delicate, accompanied by the soft flow of the river, this scene would be very impressive.

However, the busker was an amateur violin player. It sounded like an old woman wailing and was very harsh to the ears.

Nicole unknowingly walked over and stopped. Eric listened for a while without an expression

When the song ended, the crowd breathed a sigh of relief and finally dispersed.

The busker saw the wheelchair-bound man and the beautiful lady pushing the wheelchair and looked at her with regret and sympathy.

He looked like it was a loss for Nicole to be with Eric.

Eric frowned in thought.

The busker asked, “Do you understand my music?”

‘If you don’t understand, leave!’

The busker was judging Eric. Except for his good looks, Eric was useless in every aspect, especially his legs.

Thus, there was some disdain in the busker’s attitude.

Eric raised an eyebrow and snorted lightly. “It sounds bad.”

“What?” The busker’s eyes were cold. He looked like he wanted to beat Eric up.

Nicole was still immersed in the romantic atmosphere earlier and did not expect Eric to get into a fight with someone out of the blue.

“It sounds very bad.” Eric lifted his eyelids. His tone was calm and cold.

The busker rolled up his sleeves, revealing his arms that were covered in tattoos.

He looked vicious as he charged at Eric.

“Sorry, this man has a mental illness. If you want to fight, fight him!”

Nicole quickly pushed Eric’s wheelchair away and reached out to point to Luca, who was right behind them.


The wheelchair was very bumpy because Nicole was busy fleeing.

Eric finally could not resist calling out to her. He stifled a laugh as he looked at her.

‘What is she running for? This isn’t like Nicole…’

Nicole said, “I’m nice enough not to leave you there. Your butler Toto didn’t get you a bodyguard, right?”

Hearing the coldness in her voice, Eric kept quiet. After a while, he said in a low voice, “It was very bad…”

Eric only told the truth. Why would he, the Great President of Ferguson Corporation, lie just to please a random busker?

He would never!

Nicole looked at him and said indifferently, “Then I’ll send you back and you can tell him yourself.”

Before Nicole could turn around, Eric felt tense and gripped the armrest of the wheelchair. “Don’t!”

He suddenly felt like he was being played, but he would just let it go since it was Nicole.

She could make fun of him whenever she wanted.

Let’s not go back there… Look how beautiful this river is! Don’t you think it’s like a diamond necklace?”

‘If it weren’t for my physical disability right now, I wouldn’t be scared! What a joke!’ Eric thought.

Nicole sneered. ‘Haha… Wimp!’

The two of them strolled to the middle of a small bridge. The atmosphere was very romantic and quiet with an intoxicating peace that this moment brought them.

Eric looked at Nicole, who was leaning on the bridge with her elbows. Her side profile was so smooth and delicate. Her eyes were bright, and the corners of her lips curled up. She was a sight to behold.

He smiled and suddenly wanted to say what he had never told her before.

“Compared to you, anyone who plays the violin is garbage.”


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