The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 433

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 433 – “What does it have to do with her?!” Keith could not help but raise his voice.

He had been friends with Eric for so many years, but Eric was still speculating whether Nicole wanted to go to his birthday party.

Keith did not expect Ms. Nicole Stanton to show up at his party.

Nicole overheard their conversation and turned around. Suddenly, a small figure ran towards her with a regretful expression.

“Pretty Lady…”

Nicole stood in place and smiled gently. “Lil Michael, what’s wrong?”

Naturally, Eric and Keith noticed them.

Keith pushed Eric’s wheelchair over.

“What a coincidence! We were just looking for you, Ms. Stanton…” Keith said with a smile.

Nicole ignored him and stroked Lil Michael’s curly hair. His sapphire eyes looked very disappointed.

“I searched the entire cruise ship and couldn’t find your favorite white chrysanthemums…”

There was a momentary silence.

Nicole thought to herself, ‘That’s a good thing!’

Keith could not help but laugh. “If you can find white chrysanthemums on this ship today, the entire crew will be fired!”

Lil Michael looked at him suspiciously and asked, “Why?”

Keith touched his nose and did not intend to answer.

Eric rolled his eyes, then looked at Nicole. “Nicole, will you push me to the deck for a rest?”

Nicole gritted her teeth. ‘Is he so used to bossing me around now?!’

She smiled perfunctorily. “Sure.”

Nicole walked over and pushed his wheelchair away.

Keith shook his head and thought, ‘Can’t he see that this young lady is so reluctant? Is Ferg trying to woo her or torture her?’

Lil Michael was just about to go after Nicole, but he was stopped by Keith.

“Where are you going? Don’t disturb those lovebirds. They’re cultivating their feelings!”

Lil Michael frowned. “What feelings? Pretty Lady has no feelings for Mean Mister! She only has feelings for me!”

He stood there with his hands on his waist as he grunted. His clear eyes were rebellious.

‘Mean Mister is not good enough for Pretty Lady!’

Keith looked down at the boy. “Tsk tsk… What do you know, kid? Feelings must be cultivated. Don’t you see that Pretty Lady and Mr. Ferguson are a natural pair? Look how matching they are!”

He raised his eyebrows and could not help but sigh. Under the moonlight, the outstanding pair on the deck could not be more perfect. They had comparable auras and family backgrounds. If it were not for their many twists and turns, they would have been the most suitable couple.

Lil Michael snorted coldly and went up to shove Keith.

“Nonsense! They’re not a good match! Pretty Lady only likes younger guys, not old men like Mean Mister! When I grow up, I’ll marry her!”

Keith’s jaw dropped in surprise. ‘Huh… This kid is really quite interesting!’

He laughed meaningfully. “Oh, so you like Pretty Lady, huh? What a pity…”

Keith shook his head, expressing regret.

Lil Michael was even more infuriated. “Why is it a pity?!”

Keith rolled his eyes around and smiled slyly. He deliberately teased the little boy.

“It’s a pity that Pretty Lady has such a strong family background. Even if she doesn’t marry Mr. Ferguson, there will be other suitable partners for a marriage alliance. Anyhow, it’ll never be your turn, unless you’re filthy rich…”

Lil Michael’s eyes dimmed for a moment and immediately brightened up.

“I have money! My daddy is Clayton Sloan! He has lots of money, and all his money is mine!”

“Then get your daddy to marry her! Otherwise, how long will it take for you to inherit his estate?”

Lil Michael grunted. ‘Never! I must marry Pretty Lady!’

After some thought, Lil Michael gritted his teeth and made up his mind. He clenched his little fists and ran over to his father in a rage.

Clayton and Floyd were talking happily. When Floyd saw Lil Michael, his eyes turned soft. ‘Sigh… If only I had a grandson!’

Lil Michael went over and hugged Clayton. He looked at his father petulantly. “Daddy…”

Clayton shot a warning glance at the boy.

“You can’t throw a tantrum on a special day like today.”

Lil Michael beamed. He looked at Floyd with his clear innocent eyes and looked extremely adorable.

“I know. It’s Pretty Lady’s daddy’s birthday today! Happy birthday, Uncle Floyd!”

Floyd was overjoyed. His heart melted and thought of rewarding this kid with some money, so he fumbled around his pockets for his wallet.

Soon after, Lil Michael looked at Clayton and shook his father’s arm petulantly.

“Daddy, I wanna inherit your estate!”


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