The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 432

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 432 – Miles walked down the stairs impatiently and looked at Nicole apologetically.

“Ms. Stanton, leave this to me. Go on in. Don’t let your guests see this joke of a person.”

Nicole raised her eyebrows. ‘Right, I don’t want to deal with her anyway…’

She smiled lightly. “Okay, then I’ll leave this to you.”

Melanie looked at the tacit understanding and familiarity between those two who did not care about her and felt so vexed that she unconsciously clenched her fists.

Miles walked over in large strides. He had an imposing and cold vibe as he grabbed Melanie’s arm and dragged her towards the deck.

He pushed Melanie’s waist against the railing. Below them was the deep dark sea.

There were no strong waves, but the water still threatened to devour one’s life. The cold wind blew past them.

Melanie suddenly felt frightened.

She clutched the railing with a deadly grip as her voice trembled.

“Miles, w-what are you trying to do?!”

Miles was shrouded in gloom and a piercing chill.

He kept pushing her downward.

Miles sneered. “Melanie, I’ll give you two choices. You can either disappear from my sight forever or… I’ll throw you down from here.”

For the first time, Melanie could hear such obvious hatred in his voice that was devoid of warmth.

She could feel the coldness seeping into her bones.

Melanie suddenly panicked and looked up. They were far from the shore, and behind them were Nicole’s bodyguards.

Even if Melanie was thrown off the deck, no one would save her. She would just d***n, and no one would know.

Melanie felt instant regret.

These silly tricks were useless on Nicole and Miles.

Miles did not loosen his grip. It would take no more than ten seconds to throw Melanie over the railing.

He was just waiting for her to choose.

Would he dare to?

Miles might not have dared to throw someone off-board before. Since his identity as SW Corporation’s only heir was revealed, he was no ordinary person. Melanie also knew from mingling with Colton’s circle that nothing was impossible with money and power. Thus, this might not be difficult for Miles.

The cold wind pelted her face as her heart pounded violently. Her blood felt frozen as panic and fear invaded her consciousness.

She was scared.

“So?” His voice came from h**l.

This was not the same Miles she was familiar with back then.

Melanie’s eyes turned red as she clutched the railing tightly and gritted her teeth.

“I choose the first one! I’ll go right away!”

At that moment, Melanie saw ruthlessness and k*****g intent in Miles’ eyes.

He had an unapproachable arrogance, so she could not risk the consequences.

Melanie was reluctant. She bit her lower lip and trembled as she said, “You’re really in love with Nicole, right?”

Miles’ eyes darkened as he looked at her coldly and sternly.

Melanie was scared and filled with despair and desolation. She laughed neurotically.

“She just said that you’re just one of her many options. It’s clear that she doesn’t like you that much.”

Miles let go of Melanie and glared at her coldly. He looked at the bodyguard on the side. “Is there a boat to send this woman away?”

The bodyguard hesitated for a few seconds and agreed.

There was a speedboat on standby for the guests. Since Miles requested it, it would be done.

Nathaniel saw Miles’ face and thought about what Melanie just said. He held back the words at the tip of his tongue.

‘This woman can’t be trusted! Miles won’t just focus on beauty…’ Nathaniel thought.

Miles and Nathaniel returned to the banquet hall one after the other.


The butler told Nicole about every movement on the deck without missing a single detail. Nicole nodded, indicating that she knew, then turned around as if nothing had happened. She watched as Floyd and Clayton talked and laughed.

She turned her head and saw that Eric and Keith were discussing something. She could vaguely hear her name.

Nicole frowned and walked over.

“I’m planning to party for a week in Santos Island for my birthday. Consider it a vacation…” Keith said.

“I’m busy.” Eric’s voice was cold.

“How are you busy? You’re wheelchair- bound and can’t even go around to meet clients. All you have is time!”‘ Keith was not convinced.

“Nicole won’t want to go,” Eric said seriously.


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