The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 426

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 426 – Nicole felt bad to receive a handful of diamonds for nothing.

When she got back into the car, she sat in the backseat with Eric while Luca and the driver sat in the front.

Eric closed his eyes, but he was exuding a cold vibe. He did not say a word.

Nicole suddenly remembered that Eric had asked her to try out the dishes, yet she did not give any feedback.

She coughed slightly and said, “Actually, the chef of this restaurant is pretty good. The ingredients are definitely high quality. What do you think?”

Eric frowned slightly. His expression eased a little.

“Yeah, I’m glad you like it.”

Nicole breathed a sigh of relief. After all, she could not just eat a free meal for nothing and make him so angry in the process. Nicole looked at Luca through the rearview mirror.

“Luca, what do you think?”

Luca said, “It’s just average. Looks nice but doesn’t fill the stomach.”

Nicole was speechless.

Eric glared at Luca coldly and felt stuffy in his chest.

“Get Toto to make some dinner for you then.”

‘Toto?!’ Luca pursed his lips. “That’s not necessary.”

Luca would rather starve to d***h than get annoyed by Toto’s incessant chattering.

Back at Imperial Gardens, the doctors who came to do a check up on Eric had been waiting for a long time.

Toto happily chatted with them. The atmosphere was lively as several of them gathered around to play some games on their phones. They did not notice the sound of the car engine in the driveway.

Luca opened the door while Nicole pushed Eric inside.

The four people in the living room kept away their phones and stood up in an instant.

“Mr. Ferguson!”

Toto greeted him cheerfully.

“Ms. Stanton, Mr. Ferguson, you’re finally back! I was worried that the dinner will affect your beauty sleep, so I made some floral tea that’ll help with digestion.”

He went forward to take Nicole’s shoes while recommending his homemade tea.

Seeing Eric’s glum face and cold gaze, the three male doctors felt inexplicably nervous and stiff.

Nicole smiled. “Okay. Let me get changed first. I’ll come down later.”

She looked at the three doctors and said in a gentle voice, “You guys can go upstairs for the examination. Luca, go with Mr. Ferguson.”

Luca nodded and was just about to walk over when Eric stopped him. He looked at Nicole and said, “I want you.”

Nicole rolled her eyes at him. ‘He really never forgets to boss me around!’

Toto came up to her. “Ms. Stanton, you should go with Mr. Ferguson. Otherwise, he might be embarrassed to tell the doctors about his condition.”

‘Then why won’t he be embarrassed to tell me?!’

Nicole did not want to dwell on it and conceded. It would not take too long anyway.

She pushed Eric into the elevator and went upstairs. The three doctors hurriedly followed.

For Eric’s convenience, they purchased a lot of medical equipment and placed it in the consultation room at home, which came in handy for the examination.

They helped Eric onto the bed. Eric still could not move his legs. It had only been a month since the accident. It would take a few months for Eric to regain full mobility.

The attending doctor asked the accompanying doctors to get the instruments ready while Eric took off his shirt to reveal his strong and lean upper body. The doctor carefully checked Eric’s heart and lungs’ function.

Then they cut open his pants to check on the recovery of his right leg.

During the examination, Nicole subconsciously turned away.

Eric pulled Nicole’s arm and said in a deep voice, “You can’t leave. Stay here with me…”

A second later, Nicole turned her back on him.

“Fine. Let go.”

The three doctors looked at each other and dared not say a word.

Eric had no intention of letting go of Nicole and looked at the attending doctor.


The attending doctor pursed his lips. “We can put down the c******s…”

This room was originally designed to filter the sunlight from different angles during different times of the day. The gauze c******s were light and convenient and could block Nicole’s view from Eric.

The attending doctor did not expect Eric to glare at him fiercely at his proposal.

Nicole immediately said, “Yes, put it down now. Luca…”


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