The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 422

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 422 – Toto was sitting alone in the living room, sad and heartbroken about Eric when he heard a movement from the door.

Eric came back.

Toto greeted him with excitement.

“Mr. Ferguson, you’re back! You still insist on going out to work when you’re not fully recovered. You’re really the most dedicated and successful person I’ve ever seen…”

Eric cleaned up Paul Newton, so he was in a good mood, but as soon as he entered the door and heard these words, his face suddenly turned glum.

This level of puffery was really something.

Eric held back his anger and asked in a cold voice.

“Is Nicole back?”

“Yes, Mr. Ferguson. I noticed that Ms. Stanton’s not in a very good mood. I don’t think you should find trouble for yourself…..”

Eric shot a sidelong glance at Toto.

That cold gaze made Toto shiver.

Toto coughed lightly and hurriedly remedied the situation.

“The banquet earlier was such a big scene that’s straight out of a TV show, but I think that without you, it lost some luster…”

Eric indifferently rolled his wheelchair inside and did not want to listen to Toto’s chattering.

What kind of person did I hire?! If it weren’t for his special task, I’d have kicked him out long ago!’

Toto did not get to finish his words. He ran over in two steps and pushed Eric’s wheelchair.

“But Mr. Ferguson, I think that you should have a sense of crisis… That Clayton Sloan really has very good conditions, and his attitude towards Ms. Stanton is pretty special. You can’t be careless!”

At the banquet, Toto could clearly feel everyone’s respect and fear towards Clayton Sloan. That man’s temperament was also on a par with Eric.

However, such a man was surprisingly gentle and modest to Nicole, helping her in every way. How could they ignore it?

Eric rubbed his temples. He said in an irritated tone. “Fine. Go ahead with whatever you’re supposed to do.”

He did not take Toto’s words to heart.

Clayton gave Nicole special treatment because she saved his son during that t*******t a****k on the streets of Europe back then.

Due to this, Eric was confident that Clayton could not possibly harbor any bad intentions for Nicole.

As for feelings, Clayton’s wife died in that a****k, so how could he forget about her in a few years?

When Eric was about to go into the study, he suddenly paused and went to Nicole’s room.

He knocked on the door and waited quietly for a while.

Nicole stood in the doorway with a face mask on. Her arms were crossed over her chest.

“Mr. Ferguson, you’re really energetic, huh?”

After going out to catch Paul Newton, he could still come back and chat with her.

Eric lowered his eyes for a moment. When he looked up at her, his gaze was gentle.

“There’s good news that I can’t wait to tell you. I’m sure you’ll be happy.”

“You found the m******r, Paul Newton?”

Her voice was dull without a hint of surprise.

Eric froze for a moment. He then gave her an appreciative look.

“So, you already know, huh? How clever!”

“Did you hand him over to the police?”

Eric smiled slowly.

“There’s no hurry. It’s too merciful to hand him over now. I’m going to s*****w his company whole and let him watch his life’s work crumble before sending him to j**l. Do you want to take out your anger?”

Nicole paused. “You’ve already done everything that needs to be done, so what else can I do?”

“Okay. It’s better not to get your hands d***y.”

At that moment, Nicole seemed to be able to feel the cold vibes enveloping Eric.

Eric’s eyes fell on her.

Thinking of what Toto reminded him, he did not mince words of praise.

“Our Nicole is really beautiful and smart. Most importantly, you’re so kind…”

Any woman who heard this would undoubtedly feel her heart blossoming, right?

The corners of Nicole’s lips twitched as she looked at Eric with disdain.

“Yeah, that’s why I’m too good for you.”

‘What nonsense is he trying to pull so late at night?!’ Nicole thought.

Eric felt dejected and went back to his room to sleep.


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