The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 418

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 418 – Nicole looked at Eric indifferently and said, “Clayton said that he found a clue about the car accident. I’m meeting him at a reception and will be back later.”

Eric’s complexion became solemn and cold. He pursed his lips. “Be careful then.”

Nicole nodded and went downstairs.

Luca followed her.

Toto hurriedly caught up to them.

“I’ll go too! Ms. Stanton, take me with you. I’ll protect you!”

Nicole was very reluctant to speak because she felt that her words might hurt his pride.

Luca rolled his eyes and said, “Ms. Stanton is safe with me.”

“Luca, you’re an obvious bodyguard, but I can protect Ms. Stanton covertly! ‘That way, it’ll be safer.”

Toto looked at Eric expectantly. ‘Hurry! Say something for yourself!’

Eric pursed his lips. “Take him with you then. If anything happens, you don’t need to care about his survival.”

Toto was speechless.

Nicole raised an eyebrow. “Whatever…”

When they arrived at the venue of the reception, Luca got out and opened the door for her. As soon as Nicole got down from the car, she saw Clayton Sloan standing at the door.

Clayton looked like a noble and mysterious man as he stood there with such a steady and indifferent temperament.

He walked up to Nicole and nodded with a light expression. “Don’t worry, there are no strangers around.”

The implication was that there would not be any sudden attacks.

Nicole smiled and felt relieved.

The two of them stood at the doorway and walked in one after the other. Luca lagged a few steps behind to distance himself from them.

Behind him, Toto came up and whispered, “Who’s that big boss?”

“I don’t know.” Luca glanced at him, not wanting to talk.

Toto was persistent. “Is he trying to woo Ms. Stanton?! You have to follow closer. How can you leave them alone?”

That man was extremely good-looking with such an extraordinary and noble temperament. Toto could tell at a glance that he was no ordinary man because that man’s aura was comparable to Eric. Toto instantly had a sense of crisis!

Luca was expressionless and ignored Toto.

Toto slapped his t***h and looked at the useless Luca. ‘I can only rely on myself!’

At that thought, Toto walked in with a straight face.

Nicole and Clayton went in and saw some familiar faces. Others were new faces. The atmosphere of the banquet hall was pleasant with nice music from a live band. Men and women were dancing gracefully while others were mingling. It was a nice environment to network indeed!

“Turns out Mr. Sloan’s female companion is Ms. Stanton! It seems that their cooperation is pretty solid…”

“Don’t even think about it. If Mr. Sloan could give up Ferguson Corporation and choose Stanton Corporation, we don’t have anymore hope.”

“Oh? Is there something going on between Mr. Sloan and Ms. Stanton?”

“Shhh! Do you have a d***h wish?”

Those whispers drifted into Nicole’s ears, which she ignored with a smile.

Perhaps they would never know the real reason behind their cooperation.

Nicole and Clayton were also not interested in explaining themselves to everyone.

She looked at Clayton with a puzzled look. Clayton swept an indifferent glance at the gossiping people, which made them zip their mouths in an instant.

Clayton bent his arm like a gentleman. Without a word, Nicole gently took it and flashed an impeccable smile.

Their intimate gesture would only convince others of their solid and smooth cooperation.

Soon, three familiar people came over with their wine glasses for a toast. Nicole recognized that they were the three people who Clayton invited to the private dinner at the hotel that day.

Theodore Shaw from Shaw Company, Paul Newton from Newton & Co, and Hayden Zink from P&K Corporation.

Since the project had already been finalized, they need not walk around eggshells with Clayton. They only needed to maintain basic courtesy.

Theodore Shaw was holding a cigar and looked more casual. He smiled and looked at Nicole meaningfully.

“Mr. Sloan, had I known that you preferred ladies, I’d have gotten my sister to go to the private dinner that day. Although my sister isn’t as beautiful and elegant as Ms. Stanton, she’s not too bad…”

Clayton replied, “In that case, it’s fortunate that you didn’t bring her.”

Theodore was rendered speechless.


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