The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 416

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 416 – Gerard Lichman thought that he could watch a good show.

Eric swept a cold glance at him.

“Nicole has high standards and won’t even look at minions like that.”

If Tucker had even a semblance of calmness and confidence, Eric would not let him off so simply.

Eric felt that seeing such a person as an opponent was insulting Nicole.


Nicole and Clayton had a smooth discussion because they had very similar views on most things.

It was almost half an hour later when they came out of the office.

Since Clayton still had some work to do back at the hotel, Nicole sent him out.

“Lil Michael hasn’t shown up recently. Was he scared by the car accident last time?”

Clayton smiled politely. “He’s even experienced a bombing, so how could he be scared? I just found him a few tutors, so he has quite a bit of homework lately…”

Nicole instantly understood.

‘Sigh… Kids really have no freedom… What a poor baby…’

“If you want to see him, you can come over to the hotel anytime. He misses you.” Clayton added.

Nicole nodded. “Great!”

The two of them stood in front of the elevator. Before the elevator arrived, Eric’s voice came from behind.

“Going home?”

Nicole was slightly surprised.

‘He’s still here?’

Clayton nodded politely in greeting, to which Eric responded with the same gesture.

Eric’s eyes were fixed on Nicole. The corners of his lips had a sly smile.

“You should be free after this meeting, right? Let’s go home together then.”

His words were ambiguous.

‘Go home together?’ Nicole froze for a moment. She bent her slender neck to look down at the time. It was indeed past office hours.

“I still have to…” Nicole subconsciously refused.

“Toto sent me here and left already. You can’t just let me go back alone, right?”

Eric said lightly and with a hint of roguish persistence.

Nicole rolled her eyes. ‘What an annoying j**k!’

The elevator arrived at that moment.

Clayton stood behind them like a gentleman. Eric did not intend to wheel himself in, so he looked up at Nicole with an innocent and weak expression.

‘Did he want me to push his wheelchair in front of Clayton? Or did he want Clayton to push his wheelchair for him?!’ Nicole thought.

The two men had comparable temperaments. It would not be good once the balance was broken.

Nicole could not imagine Clayton pushing Eric’s wheelchair, so she could only roll Eric into the elevator and stand behind him.

Eric was satisfied with this and smiled gently.

After two seconds, Clayton still did not walk into the elevator.

Clayton nodded politely at them and said, “I forgot to take away that bouquet of white chrysanthemums. It’s not good to leave them here like that. We’ll get in touch.”

Eric nodded slightly with a detached and polite smile, then reached out to press the close button.

Nicole was speechless.

The elevator was quiet for a moment.

Nicole lowered her head and sent a message to Tucker, instructing him to take note of some things.

Luca was waiting for Nicole downstairs. As soon as the elevator arrived, he immediately walked over.

Nicole stepped out of the elevator when Eric called out to her. “Nicole…”

She completely forgot that Eric was with her in the elevator.

Eric was waiting for her to push him.

Nicole paused in her footsteps and frowned. Just as she was about to go back and push him out, Luca hurriedly took a step forward.

“Miss, let me do this kind of rough work.”

Eric was rendered speechless.

Nicole nodded in satisfaction and continued to walk forward.

Luca came to Eric and pushed his wheelchair, but he was walking very fast to keep up with Nicole and did not care about the steadiness of the wheelchair.

Eric held his forehead and gritted his teeth, but there was nothing he could do.

Had he known this would happen, he would not have let Toto leave so early.

At Imperial Gardens.

Nicole wanted to go back to her room to organize some ideas from the meeting earlier and left Eric with Luca.

Once they entered the house, it was spotless. Toto wore a small pink apron and rushed over to get her shoes when he saw her come in.

“Ms. Stanton, you’re back! You’ve worked really hard. How on earth do people like you manage so much day-to-day and yet maintain your astounding beauty? I made you a nutritious vegetarian soup. It’s low-calorie and delicious!”

Toto looked at her with an ingratiating smile, which made Nicole speechless.


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