The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 413

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 413 – Nicole was best at stabbing people in the heart, especially Eric’s. It felt amazing.

Her toes rested against the door as she looked at Eric with a nonchalant smile.

“Goodnight, Mr. Ferguson.”

Nicole left without waiting for his response.

She made it so clear to him, so he would certainly understand.

If he pretended not to understand, then she had other ways to wake him up from his delusions.

His tricks were so old-fashioned!

Eric’s gaze was dark and sullen as he stared at her departing back.

Those words were like knives stabbing at his heart. It was obviously very painful, but he could not blame anyone and could only suffer the pain because he deserved it.


The groundwork for the project from Clayton Sloan was finalized. Its specifications were very ambitious, involving a large scope. One of the most important parts was advancing the research of their current artificial intelligence project. Thus, Stanton Corporation involved J&L Corporation in the core project.

Last time, J&L Corporation’s announcement of their AI doctor that could detect illnesses pushed them into the spotlight. They received high praise globally and gained many investors.

Stanton Corporation and Ferguson Corporation also monopolized the market in artificial intelligence.

Even so, their research and development could not stop because other countries could catch up to them quickly. If they could not keep their core technology under wraps, they would lose the opportunity to become the market leader.

Therefore, Nicole proposed for Clayton’s project to encompass the J&L Corporation’s research and development so that the progress could be quickened. Although this meant that the pie would be further divided, the benefits outweigh the disadvantages in the long run.

Nicole came up with this plan and discussed it with Grant early in the morning, who of course had no problem with it.

If this big pie was shared, there would be fewer envious parties.

It was just that working with J&L Corporation would inevitably involve Ferguson Corporation as well.

However, these worries were useless.

Based on Ferguson Corporation’s strength, it would just be icing on the cake if they joined this cooperation.

The morning breeze was slightly cool and humid.

Nicole picked out a slim black dress that was embellished with tiny pearls at the hem. It was formal and elegant with a hint of liveliness that made her look valiant and stunning.

As soon as Nicole came downstairs, Toto waved at her happily.

“OMG! Ms. Stanton, you’re extraordinarily beautiful today! When the sunlight shines on you just now, you look like you were walking out of an oil painting…”

Nicole was stunned. Fortunately, she was holding onto the railing. Otherwise, she would just fall down the stairs.

Luca stood aside with his expressionless fierce face. The corners of his lips were downturned, expressing disdain for Toto’s sycophantic behavior.

Eric sat at the dining table wearing black loungewear. Even so, he still looked reserved, cool, and noble.

His expression was gentle as if last night’s episode did not exist.

Watching her walk down the stairs, Eric smiled slightly. “Good morning…”

Nicole raised her eyebrows. “Good morning.”

”Huh, this man sure is fickle…’

Toto cooked up a feast for breakfast, with all kinds of Western and even Asian cuisine. Everything was well-plated and looked very appetizing.

Since Eric did not mention the awkwardness last night, Nicole did not intend to talk about it either.

Anyway, Eric was the unhappy party.

Nicole sat at the dining table and was extremely interested to taste each dish.

Suddenly, she thought of something and looked up at him.

“By the way, I saw Ms. Ferguson when I was shopping last night.”

Eric’s face was calm without the slightest surprise as if he had already known about it. “I know. The store manager told me about it.”

“How did she end up there?”


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