The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 412

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 412 – Luca’s shoulder even had another towel to wipe Eric. His technique was like a professional!

If Luca had not suddenly opened his mouth, Eric would not have known that the one who came to give him a bath was actually Luca!

Eric was angry and annoyed because another man touched him, but he did not know who to take it out on.

Luca’s fierce face was calm as he said, “Ms. Stanton ordered for me to give you a bath and massage…”

Although Luca, as a bodyguard, felt very uncomfortable doing such a thing, this house only had two other men. That fat butler was snoring and could not be awakened even when Luca kicked him. Thus, Luca could only sacrifice himself.

Eric’s eyes narrowed sharply. His face was complex and deep at this time. His chest was heaving violently, and his mind was blank.

He clenched the handle of the wheelchair with a grim face.

Luca looked a little hesitant as he made up his mind. “Mint scented then…”

It did not seem appropriate that a big man would use strawberry-scented body wash.

After that, Luca skillfully pumped the body wash onto his hand and was about to lather it onto Eric’s body when Eric interrupted him.

Eric’s voice was deep, oppressive, and restrained.

“Get out!” He said through clenched teeth.

Even if Eric felt cold, he could not stand the idea of Luca touching him so intimately again.

He knew that he would go crazy.

Luca’s fierce face froze slightly as he was a little surprised. ‘Why did his attitude change so fast? Wasn’t he enjoying it just now?’

Luca held the bottle of body wash and looked tangled.

“Mr. Ferguson, you really don’t want a massage?”

‘It’s Ms. Stanton’s orders…’

Eric glared at Luca with a sharp and cold gaze. His face was extremely glum. “Do you need me to repeat myself?!”

Luca pursed his lips. ‘Okay then, since he refused, I can’t force him…’

He put down the things in his hand, turned around, and left.

Eric stayed in the bathroom for a full three minutes, trying hard to calm himself down and control his emotions. ‘Didn’t that fat*ss say that he’d find a way to get rid of Luca?! Why didn’t he show up now?’

He calmly put on his bathrobe, wheeled himself out of the bathroom, and faintly froze when he saw the woman in the bedroom.

Nicole stood at the bedroom door and waved towards Luca before walking in.

Eric was wearing a bathrobe that revealed his well-defined collarbones. Water droplets dripped down his hair and happened to fall on his b**e, s**y chest.

Nicole raised her eyebrows. A flash of light flickered in her eyes.

Eric’s figure was indeed impeccable.

‘No wonder Eric wanted to come up with such underhanded methods. He’s trying to seduce me?!”

Nicole’s smile deepened. “Mr. Ferguson, are you satisfied with Luca’s service?”

When Eric thought of that image earlier, he just wanted to rewash his entire body.

His face was taut, filled with dissatisfaction and anger.

“Nicole, shouldn’t you give me an explanation?”

‘Why did it become like this? Whatever I imagined didn’t materialize at all!’

A strange light shone in Nicole’s eye as she looked at him.

“Although I’m here to take care of you, we’re divorced, so we should avoid any misleading contact.”

Nicole deliberately emphasized the word “divorced”. Eric’s face stiffened. The light in his eyes instantly dimmed.

Looking at her smile, the anger and coldness in Eric’s eyes instantly disappeared.

A trace of bitterness filled his mouth.

Eric finally had a taste of this heart-wrenching s*********n. There seemed to be no direction, no hope.

Her words pushed him into the abyss, leaving him powerless.

Nicole ignored his despair on Eric’s face and smiled. “Otherwise, if word gets out, how else can we marry other people in the future?”


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