The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 407

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 407 – Nicole sat on the balcony on the second floor, basking in the sunset with a cup of tea next to her.

She squinted her eyes and felt a wave of sleepiness. She then heard deliberately lightened footsteps.

Nicole frowned. “Toto?”

“Ms. Stanton, you’re so smart! You already know it’s me without turning around. Your calm and cool temperament is so different from other women. I prepared some fruit for you. Was today’s dinner still satisfactory?”

Toto nervously rubbed his hands with some apprehension in his voice as he continued, “Mr. Ferguson ordered those dinners. I don’t know if they’re to your taste. This is my first day on the job. I don’t want to lose this job because of the dinner. After all, I have a first-class chef license…”

The corners of Nicole’s upturned lips stiffened slightly.

‘Eric ordered these? I thought it was a coincidence that those are my favorite dishes… How did he know anyway?’

Nicole’s heart suddenly felt a little stuffy.

The more Eric put his heart into her, the more uncomfortable she felt.

Soon, Nicole regained her composure.

“I’m not a picky eater, so you can cook whatever you want.”

After all, Nicole did not eat much. If she really did not like to eat it, she could just go back to the Stanton Mansion.

Toto still wanted to say more, but Nicole put down the teacup she was holding and took a deep breath.

“I almost forgot. I’m going shopping with my friends later and will be back late. Remember to leave the door open…”

“Shopping? Do you need me to carry your bags?”

Toto excitedly volunteered for the job. If he could gain Nicole’s trust, it would definitely make his matchmaking task so much easier!

Nicole forced an awkward smile. “No need. Luca’s with me.”


Inside the mall.

Yvette and Julie sat at the lounge massage chairs while waiting for Nicole.

Nicole looked at these two women and chuckled lightly.

“Shopping in the evening? Are you two that busy lately?”

Julie rolled her eyes at her. “We’re just tryna find ways for you to pass the time. Otherwise, there’s no guarantee that your old feelings won’t be rekindled if you face Eric Ferguson all day and night!”

Yvette nodded in agreement. “I heard that the old hag Quinn was hospitalized?”

Nicole raised her eyebrows and sat on the side. “You girls are pretty well-informed, huh?”

Luca had the sense not to follow too closely. He was on constant alert not far away to ensure that Nicole was within a safe distance from him where he could react if needed.

Yvette and Julie took their bags and dragged Nicole around the mall.

“How can I not be well-informed? My uncle is the director of that hospital. I heard that she was covered in blood when she was sent over and even woke up cursing you. The strange thing is that the Fergusons kept this under wraps, and not a single person went over to visit her.”

Yvette looked at Nicole and continued, “Does this have something to do with you?”

Nicole laughed lightly. Her eyes were cold.

“She deserved it. That knife was meant to be stuck in me, but Luca blocked it.”

Julie and Yvette were silent for a moment.

Yvette stepped forward and took her arm. “Let’s not talk about that. By the way, did Eric Ferguson take advantage of you when you moved in to take care of him?”

“He’s a cripple now. How could he even get the chance?”

“That’s good. Although we don’t support you getting back together with him, we appreciate his effort this time.”

Nicole lowered her eyes and laughed. On the side, Julie tugged on Nicole’s arm. Her voice was filled with amazement.

“Look who’s there?!”

They followed the direction Julie was pointing at and saw a woman in uniform, kneeling on the ground to put on shoes for some customers. That was Ingrid Ferguson!

The three ladies were dumbfounded.


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